Best CD/DVD storage?

krustytoppApril 1, 2006

Not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes:

I break jewel cases easily and find clamshell cases too bulky but I can't just leave my recorded discs in the original spindle package :) Can anyone recommend sleeves that will protect the discs from dirt and humidity and won't degrade onto the disc surface? What is a safe material for long term storage of CDs and DVDs -- paper? cardboard? Mylar?

Thanks in advance.

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Have tried the ultra-slim jewel cases (for CDs)? They open easily so might not be as prone to breakage. They take up very little space. You do have to see the front to identify the title, no room on the spine for a label. You can buy these at Staples, they have them in their brand. Steve

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