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naturelleApril 1, 2006

I wonder if somebody could answer this. I have cable service for television. The service here provides a digital cable box, although I do not subscribe to digital. I understand that this is OK.

I have had problems with the reception the past month or so. The reception of a few stations is poor. The picture is scrambled and there are pauses. Sometimes there is nothing but a blue screen. The incoming service comes overhead from the street main cable which feeds the neighbourhood. The cable system may be very old, as this is an old neighbourhood, and the cable provider is notoriously pathetic.

I'm wondering, as well as the condition of service cables, if the quality and strength of the signal could also be compromised by the number of subscribers who are tied into the service. Is it the same as phone and internet service, which is thusly affected? Although the reception is horrible at all times, it seems to be worse during the weekends. Is it true that they could increase the signal if they were willing to do so, but they scrimp for economic reasons?

I'm going to switch to satellite as soon as I get more settled in other things I have going on. I'm sure there are detractors of satellite, but believe me the cable situation is not going to improve. I have phoned technical support many times and they can't or won't help.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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I have have a new home (about 1 year old) in a new development and cable is poor here as well. I had digital for a while but it continued to have degraded service and finally cancelled it and went to satellite. Had cable techs out 3 or 4 times and they said it is a problem outside of my development. More people need to complain before it will get fixed.

Satillite signal is great. Can't find the down side to switching. Still have analog cable since I have their internet service but don't really use it much for TV and will be getting rid of is as soon as fiber optic from Verizon is comple in my area. Analog cable is still snowy sometimes.

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