Sensing Their Presence

lulie___wayneJuly 5, 2006

Socks, the last post that I read of yours really touched me.

I have spent the last two days painting a mural for my granddaughter with a very well known artist. I hadn't done a painting in a couple of months and really needed a jump start. My mom and Christin painted beautifully and right before I read your post, I was thinking about how they would be so proud of me for getting back into it and I was also thinking that when I painted, I really felt a connection to them because we used to paint together. I was thinking that from now on, when I paint, I will take comfort in knowing that their spirits will be right there with me. Then I read your post and the inspirational quote for today, and it knocked me for a loop! It was almost kinda like a sign from them.

"As I repeat some of the patterns of our life together, I can almost sense the presence of my loved one".

Thanks, Socks! I printed this one out to post in my studio.


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You made my day! Thanks for sharing that.

I wanted to encourage Bluedbuchanan to go do things that her dad liked to do, restaurants, etc. Then I went to my little book and was hoping the quote for July 4 was a good one (some are more meaningful than others)...and it sure was!

Keep painting, Lulie. I know your dear mother and Christin are with you. It is a powerful connection to them.

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We never know each day when one little thing we may say, write or do, may touch someone in a very positive way.
I had not had hardly any signs from my mom as of yet, so those almost simultaneous thoughts and what I read that you wrote was really asesome. Before I read your post, I had also been going through some of Mom's painting materials and I came across a piece of paper that said, "Just to say hello", then I came across a paper with her signature on it and then a picture of one of her paintings. Thanks, Mom and Socks!

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I always feel an ache when I run across something which my mother has written, could be a note to me, handwritten notes on a knitting pattern, any notes in her files. Handwriting is so individual, so personal, hers so familiar to me.

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Socks, you said that at the right time for me. (There you go again!) I'm a writer, and communication is definitely my thing. When I'm gone my children will have reams of stuff that I've written--letters, journals, you name it. But I was just thinking yesterday that it's almost all written on the computer. I can't write much in longhand. But you're right--almost everything my daughter Jill wrote was in her hand, and the sight of it is so precious to me. I think I'll try to write a few things by hand now and then.


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