entrtmnt unit with ikea ktchn cabinets for 70' tv

edw05_wApril 23, 2007

After much debate with my wife and lots of research about how and what to use to put my new 70" Sony TV in, I come to find out there are very few off the selve entertainment unit one could used to put a 70" TV in. So I ended up using IKEA kitchen cabinets and custom building own and save a lot of money over a custom built wall unit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of Entertainment unit.

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That looks like a great solution! I'll keep that in mind in case we move--because we certainly can't take our built-in unit with us.

Looks like a tight fit, though--is that why you anchored the TV to the back (or do you live in CA)?

Don't you just love this TV? Our old cat won't come into the new basement after seeing the TV--unfortunately, we had it on when we tried to introduce her to the new living areas.....she thinks giant people live inside a big box in our basement and that they might get to her! LOL.

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You guessed correctly, I do live in CA.

Yes, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that TV. I come to find out what set this TV apart from at the other rear project TVs is really Sony's professional video processing on their XBR2 series. It makes everything look true to life. There are some other brands that I thought had the better picture, but if you really look at it for a while, you will find many of the other brands look artifical.

LOL, that is so funny about your poor cat.

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