When is wide too wide

del_mar_caApril 24, 2006

When is a TV too big? For instance....my room is 17' by 17' with the sofa about 12' away.

Is a 60" too big? What size does everyone recommend?

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Ah... so you mean when is big too big? If you can get it through the door, it's not too big!

Seriously, 12' should be fine for a 60" tv. A lot depends on what the room is used for, the quality of the tv & what you are watching. Are you using the room as a "media room/home theater" and don't mind a 60" tv dominating the room? If you are planning on getting a high quality tv and plan to watch mostly hi-def and dvds you should be happy with the image quality. If you are still going to watch a lot of SD tv, the large image will enhance the poor image quality and you might not be happy.

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Mike....I am waiting for Samsung's release of the HS-S5679 which I understand is the latest generation. The room will be mixed use...as it will primarily be for DVDs...which aren't currently Hi-Def.

The other big thing is...I am not sure if I am going with custom cabinetry or a slide-in. With the pace of how TVs are evolving..hate to have the built-in be useless in a few years as new advances create new needs. For instance...I have a 5 year old Sony Wega which was top of line...and that is way out of date already.

Still...not sure if a 56 or 60 will dominate too much to where I will get a head ache.

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From what I have read ,that new Samsung with the LED light engine will only be available in a 56 inch model this year.I'm interested in checking that set out myself and it shouldn't be too big,as long as you have about 8 feet or more between you and the set.Let us know if you get it and how well it performs.

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Our projector throws a 110 inch diagonal image in a 17.5 x 14 foot room. We sit ~ 12 feet from the screen. It's not too wide for us.

Any setup that allows you to sit ~ 1.5 times screen width away from the screen is not too wide for most people unless sitting that close reveals image defects that distract from the viewing experience.

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Thanks, that's good to hear.

I, too am waiting for the Samsung 5679 but my TV room is only 14x16, with the planned sectional about 8-9 feet away. Hoping this will be enough. I also read somewhere the set needs to be at eye level, I have a built-in that will be maybe 6in higher than that. Will this be a problem? do I need to slant the set so it's more toward eye level viewing??

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Whether the screen needs to be at eye level depends on what you sit on. We have recliners in our HT, and the bottom of our screen is at eye level. It's very comfortable, and it also allows the back row to have an unobstructed view of the screen. The architectural guidelines for theatres is that the centre of the screen shouldn't be more than 15 degrees above eye level.

I don't know the TV you're referring to, but if it's HD and you're viewing HD sources and DVDs, you certainly won't be too close.

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