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joe_mnApril 24, 2013

We have Comcast tv and Internet. Have xfinity tv ap for iPad. I see the selection of old series is many times higher on the xfinity (internet) compared to accessing it thru the tv tuner. I wanted to watch some old sopranos episodes and none are available thru the tv tuner. But ALL are available thru the Internet. Comcast says it is licensing thng? Hh? I pay for Hbo. Why not watch it thru tv service? I cannot stream from my computer to my big screen. I don't really want to hook up my computer to my tv. Am I just being old fashioned?

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I'm sure it is a licensing issue. Whomever owns the rights to the Sopranos wants money for the viewing rights. I'd suspect those "rights" are cheaper if you only stream to portable devices. Not as many folks are willing to watch episode after episode on a tablet vs. those willing to watch on a TV.

Of course, it could be something else as well....

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