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grcamooreMarch 31, 2008

I agree with handyhank. You owe it to yourself to check out DCE walk in tubs. We visited with Dave Anderson out of Waterloo IA and very much appreciated the education he provided. He is not a high pressure salesperson but does give you information and background on the development and quality of current walk in tubs on the market. Even if you don't purchase a DCE tub you need to talk to a company rep so you have information to do comparison buying. The best part is of going to Dave's shop was seeing the actual tub construction and learning about the materials and methods used to produce the tub. DCE has done their homework and produce a quality product. If you have the opportunity to visit a dealer and see the product first hand, I would suggest doing that. If you can't do this, just know that you will receive a quality product from shopping from their website...something that you can't always know when shopping on the web. Go to walkintub.com to learn more. (I am not in anyway associated with DCE tubs or with Dave Anderson's store. I'm just a future buyer who was completely amazed by the product my husband and I saw yesterday and who is so grateful we took the time to stop and visit with Dave about this product. His passion, knowledge and good old Iowa values and work ethic sold us on this product!

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Don't call Premier Bathrooms - Ed McMahon sponsors - $15,000.00 and up - high pressure - shady company. My opinion. Thanks

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