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winesnobApril 11, 2012

We have done an expansion of our bedroom and added a closet. Our bedroom is 21'6" X 24 and my closet is 10'6" by 24. We are putting all the components in cabinets in the closets. We are adding a 60" TV.....I have rec'd different quotes for equipment....and the comparison is Marantz NR1602 surround receiver with Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD, HDMI video switching for 649.00 and the other model SR5006 for 799.00....

Sunfire SDS -10 subwoofer with 10" driver, 250 watt amplifier for 450.00 or Sunfire HRS 10 1000 watt for 900.00

Is there a huge difference. The other confusion is Furman Elite 15i surge protector for 379.00 or a PST2+6 eight outlet surge for 59.00 this one huge difference....I would appreciate any advice, as they are installing the wires now. Almost forgot Samsung 6500 or 7100 difference of 400.00

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While I really don't know what you do in your master bedroom, and it's none of my business, the equipment sounds like way too much, but it is also very much mismatched. If this list came from a "home theater specialist" - find somebody new.

The Marantz is 50 watts per channel - matched to a 250 or 1000 watt sub-woofer?!

Placing equipment in a cabinet, within a closet, is a thermal shutdown/overload just waiting to happen.

If they are only doing a pre-wire, what's the rush to decide on equipment?

And then, a $379 surge protector - who is recommending this stuff?!

I'm sorry - I'm not trying to give you a bad time but it sounds like somebody you're talking to is just trying to make a buck here!

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Bedroom combo sitting/playing area too. Pre-wired so I guess I will just continue to research. Thanks for your comments. This may be the hardest part of the remodel. So technical and women just get tile, and cabinets, plumbing fixtures.

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If you have already pre-wired where is the equipment going to be placed? The equipment will give off heat so well ventilated area should be considered. This is a large room so matching a sub to the size would be appropriate. I have 2 plasmas and 2 rotel power conditioners. Rotel was bought by APC. They not only work as surge protectors but will raise or lower power to maintain voltage. If a serious brownout occurs they will switch the equipment off. All equipment including panel is plugged into these devices. $399 is not a lot for a device that will safeguard equipment. Surge strip cannot do what these do.

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Thank you for your reply, my remodel is just about finished so this is one of the decisions I have to make. Thank you again

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why did you say The Marantz is 50 watts per channel - matched to a 250 or 1000 watt sub-woofer?! when posters say what they think is wrong but don't offer an explanation. I have to finally order this equipment. What for example would be an appropriate size sub to consider. I agree with you Lannie that 399 to safeguard equipment is not too much. ALSO ADDING TO THIS POST. I need a 32 inch tv for another you think the Samsung is good choice?

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I apologize if I did not elaborate - I hoped the numbers would speak for themselves.

50 watts RMS per channel is more than enough for most home audio and home theater applications and the sub only needs to equal, or be slightly above that output level. Since they will usually have their own level adjustment, I'd recommend a 50-100 watts RMS subwoofer - 200 watts RMS max - dialed down to balance with the rest of the system.

Ignore all the "peak wattage" (and high distortion) claims made by all the low-end manufacturers and focus on the legitimate mainstream manufacturers.

Then of course, if you are looking for the "thump-thump-thump" sound of that dude that's always next to me at the stoplight, you may wany to get as big as you can get..

Power conditioners are a good idea for those on locally generated solar power or areas with very unstable power, but for most applications, simple surge suppression is all that is needed.

For the television, Samsung is good but don't ignore brands such as Vizio, Sharp, and Toshiba. LCD panels have become a commodity product and manufactures pick and choose between the OEM panel manufacturers to put into their own branded televisions.

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Thank you for clarifying. I have been overwhelmed with all this stuff. As you can see I have been working on this since April....I don't want a lot of thumping for sure. One of the quotes was for a subwoofer with 10" drive and 1000 amplifier. It is listed for 900.00
I am having trouble deciding whether to order some of the equipment for less money but then there is warranty and shipping adds up too. Thank you

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