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timbershortApril 21, 2009

Does anyone know how to save or burn a video From you tube and transfer to a DVD. Example there is a workout video posted on you tube that i would like to burn to a DVD so i can work out watching the dvd verses on you tube but dont know how to. Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone been able to do this in the past?

thanking you in advance.

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There are several add-ons for Firefox that allow saving videos from Youtube and other sites. One I use is DownLoad Helper. I've found that it can also be done with AdBlockPlus by displaying the list of blockable elements on the page. Selecting the link for the video and opening it in a new tab will typically trigger it to download as a file. HD Youtube clips save in .mp4 format.

Not sure about IE, haven't much used it in several years.

Burning the videos to a DVD would require converting the files to a compatible format for DVD playback.

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I have an idea how to copy this video but I'm not so sure if it will work, that is why I just searched it from Google to be more precise. I hope the one I found can help you download and copy the video you want. thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: copy DVD

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