best 37 - 40' LCD? help!

tomalyseApril 7, 2010

We have a small TV room, with a couch about 9 -10 feet from wall. Interested in energy efficient, good quality LCD or LED flat screen HDTV - but overwhelmed with the number of choices. Price point ideal = @ $600 - $1200, but flexible if reviews are outstanding. Watch mostly movies and sports. Could care less about 3D, but having capability to download movies seems useful as things are moving in that direction v. going to the video store.

What should we look for? What brands are most reliable/good value? All help is appreciated! Thanks.

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Consumer Reports recently rated a whole bunch of LCDs. Although they may not be the last word, their ratings will certainly narrow the number of choices you'll consider. Most public libraries carry subscriptions of Consumer Reports.

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