looking for discontinued tile

mbmkJuly 25, 2012

I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel. I need 2 boxes of Florida Mendocino Tile in 13 x 13 Cellar. Unfortunately it has only been manufactured in 12 x 12 tiles since about 2008. Any suggestions where I might find the 13 x 13 tiles or other ideas?

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what about doing an internet search-just google the name in quotes, maybe you will get lucky. Did you try calling the company? If you cant find it can you put the larger tiles so it is not as noticable-like laundry room section? also, the coloring might be off so i would be careful where those last tiles go.

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I'm in the same fix as mbmk--In the middle of kitchen remodel that's exposing bare floor where we thought there was tile. This is a from Daltile's discontinued Rocky Mountain series; the tile (color) is Nero, 12" x 12". I have the original invoice, listing the item number as (9999) 723518.
I need 30 to 50 (but I'll take what I can get).
The photo makes it look a little more earth-toned/brown than in person.

If anyone can help me find the tile, someone who has the tile, or even someone who might know how to find the tile, I'd be very grateful.

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mbk, any luck yet? I've spent way too much time on my search and keep coming up empty. I even paid thisoldtile.com $14.95, but that just got me another, "sorry, no."

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mbmk, I'm wondering if you've had any luck in finding the tile you're looking for. I'm running into dead ends looking for mine. Sorry about the typo in my last post.

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