Larger than 70 inch displays

bens_dadApril 15, 2007

We're having a hard time configuring a room to support a drop down screen and front projector. The fall-back is the Sony 70" rear projection LCD, which (we think) has a great picture. I've been looking and looking to see if there are any larger fixed panel displays (short of the 103" plasma that sells for $80,000 or so). Any ideas? Thanks.

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Nothing other than the 103" Panasonic at this time that I know of.

Samsung has a 63" PDP, LG has a 71" PDP, Panasonic 58" (& the 103" monster), Pioneer has a 60" PDP and if you want the best, Fujitsu has a 65" PDP.

Other than that you could opt for either the JVC 70" HD'ila or the Sony SXRD. Both are 1080P, and both based on LCOS technology.

If you want to go big (100"+) a projector is pretty much the deal.

No way to install a recessed motorized screen?

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After over 2 years of research and monitoring prices, I purchased the Sony 70 inch KDSR70XBR2. The Sony XBR2 rear projection TVs are the number one rated rear projection in the market, but it come with a price. I was seriously considering the Samsung, because of the picture quality and price. But, I come to find out they have reliability issue. In fact, I have seen the same problem (cropping - picture not filling in properly) three different stores.

My suggestion is to see them for yourself, and I think you will find the Sony XBR2 have the most natural picture of them all. DO NOT look at the water down version S2000 series, they are just living the their name and are no way as good as the XBR2 series.

If you are more cost conscious but you want a big TV, I highly recommend the 70" JVC HD 70FN97. I was able to find it online for just $2800. It is not as good as the Sony, but it is very close. In fact, if you don't have them side-by-side I don't think you will be able to tell the difference when you have it set up in your home.

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