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saraahmadMarch 3, 2013

i am 21 years old.. unmarried.. i have 2 fibroids 4 cm and 5 cm inside my uterus wall... i want to know if fibroids can b shrink or there is any treatment for them.. doctors in my country do not provide any treatment except medicine for heavy periods.. in their opinion they can not be shrink or stop.. the only treatment is removal of uterus, but i want to shrink my fibroids or atleast stop them growing more... please help me if u know anything...

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my relative is 39 & has had internal fibroids with heavy bleeding monthly. She wants children but drs. say only help is hysterectomy or other procedures (heat, drugs, etc.) that may leave the lining infertile. She has tried alternative medicine but unsuccessful so far. She can undestand your agony so well! Hopefully someone on this site has some more hopeful ideas!

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Hello. I'm so sorry to hear about your predicament. Something I have read about on the internet is Apple Cider Vinegar for various issues like this. I discovered it as a treatment for ovarian cysts, but in my reading came across a few women who claimed it helped with their fibroids. Do an internet search for something like "apple cider vinegar and fibroids" you will find lots of info about how to take it and what kinds to look for. There is also a lot of reference to a certain type of molasses that is suppose to help- the theories I have heard relate to the acidity of these products being the key. Good luck.

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I am in my early 60s and take HRT. Last summer I experienced some vaginal bleeding so called the doctor and had the ultrasound - fibroids were found and I was sent to a specialist for a biopsy. Had the biopsy - and fortunately it was not cancerous. The fibroids were not too large so the recommended course of action was to double up on my Prometrium - so I took 2 pills a day - 100 mg each - for a few months - instead of one pill - and I just continued with my normal one shot of Estrogel a day (many people take 2, but I am just to take one). This cured MY problem. Had the bleeding not stopped I would have had to go into the hospital for possible a D & C (although where I live in Canada I might have been waiting a long time!). Each person is different though and you are very young and the cause of your fibroids etc. is most likely very different. Then there are the medical laws pertinent to each country. I wish you well.

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I had fibroids and spotted blood. I was at an age that didn't want anymore children, so had the hysterectomy. Hate to discourage you but he said no matter how little blood there is it is a sign of a more serious problem.

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Hi. This is my experience which may be of some help, and certainly wont harm you trying. I was found to have three 4-5cm fibroids when investigating why I wasn't getting pregnant four years ago, seen by internal ultrasound and keyhole surgery. The fibroids were left and endometriosis was dealt with and I became pregnant. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was given regular ultrasounds as one of the fibroids was right next to the cervix and they were not sure if I would be able to have a natural birth. My cervix stretched and it moved out the way so all was fine. Now here's the mind blowing bit...14 months later I had my 12 week ultrasound with my second baby and there was NO sign of them. We asked, they checked...not even small ones! They were certainly not detected throughout the rest of my pregnancy. Of course I have wondered how this could be having read surgery was the only and undesirable way to get rid of them. My conclusions based on my life style are....I have been a non-meat eater for 20 not that. I have never smoked, rarely drink...didn't cause them. My diet is ok, but not really healthy; eaten oily fish for years so not that. BUT I had become lactose intolerant (too many anti-biotics) around 5 years ago, and maybe those fibroids were actually already shrinking when they were discovered? I had also been taking Vitex to help get pregnant and maybe some other herbal things but certainly nothing that promised to get rid of fibroids. After a year of eating no milk products I read that some hard cheeses such as English cheddar, Edam etc have only traces of lactose (see the 'carbohydrates - of which sugars' label on the cheese) which I can tolerate, and have eaten for four years now, but I do not eat any other products containing milk including chocolate, some crisps, cakes etc...check your labels. I would love this info to help someone...worth a try? its not proven and I haven't had them checked out in the last year since childbirth - could have been something else im not thinking of? From my searches they don't look like they just disappear after childbirth? Good luck all XX

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Get yourself to a good gynocology department at the best hospital in your area. Many fibroids can stay for years and years but, if they get too large, they need to be removed. As for the cyst, find out what kind it is. There are four categories of ovarian cysts. Most of the resolve on their own. I think you need more information. Learn about your body on the internet so you'll understand what the dr. says. Have you had a CT scan? Ultrasound? The outcome would be fine so don't worry about cancer.

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I went to see this woman speak a few months ago. I get them occasionally and use supplements (not her brand) but had very good results. I also have be very strict with how I eat to keep them at bay.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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