Diabetes Understanding?

christine1950March 27, 2011

I wonder if someone can explain this to me, my neighbor has diabetes and is on some type of meds not the shots, she eats anything and everything from cakes, cookies and candy and I just dont understand how is that possible. Am I mis understanding the disease? I always thought that you must be on a pretty strict diet,any thoughts would help me to understand. Thank you for any insight :>)

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proper diet is very important for a diabetic because you use it to keep your blood sugar and insulin levels as stable as possible to prevent the peaks and lows. The medication is to help your body use the insulin more effectively so for a diabetic not to use diet as part of their treatment, they won't be controlling the diabetes properly. I will say though that in my experience, many general doctors don't know how to advise people properly about diabetes and your neighbour should get referred to a dietician or diabetic educator to learn how she should be eating and how important that is for her.

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