tung oiled floors in kitchen?

amjsJuly 23, 2007

we are planning on tung oiling the wood floors in the kitchen. the place selling us the wood thinks that's a fine finish for a kitchen. the installer also thinks it's fine but everyone else we talk to says it's a bad idea because if there's a leak the floors will warp.

it seems to me, the two sources that know the most about the floors and the oil say it's fine and everyone else just doesn't know enough about it but all the talk is starting to worry (and annoy) me. i'm just looking for further opinions, please.


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I have tung oil (waterlox) in the kitchen, and waterloxed the teak countertop and love them. Doggy dribbles just bead up, and he's a heck of a dribbler. You might consider waterlox instead of pure tung oil though, as it's my understanding there are hardening resins for further protection. It's a gloriously beautiful finish, especially when I compare it to the same wood's poly finish in the adjacent room. Still, beauty ain't everything and I can happily assure you that water has not been a problem in my dribble-filled kitchen. Even his bad-tummy accident cleaned right up. More details if you can stand them. ;-)

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I, too, have experience with tung oiled hardwood floors in a kitchen. My prior house had tung oiled floors throughout, including the kitchen, laundry and utility rooms. Between my son, his friends, our dog and the visiting canines, the floors were subject to constant abuse, including tracked in snow and ice. In the ten years I lived in that house, I never had a problem with water marks on the floor, not even from water that was unwittingly left standing on the floor for a period of time.

Frankly, I don't understand the appeal of poly finishing products when tung oil (especially when cut with non-toxis solvents) is simple, durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing.


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I have a large family room/kitchen area that we laid reclaimed maple in. (We planed some maple that had been in an old gym floor at a school.)

After laying it, we used 100% real tung oil cut down with natural citrus solvent. We applied several layers, and it left a very velvety matte finish.

Water beads up on the surface. I have several animals and was looking for a non-toxic floor and this was it. I got the tung oil and citrus solvent from a really reputable place:


Here is a link that might be useful: Real Tung Oil

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I wanted to follow up on this as my white oak floors are being laid in my kitchen this weekend and I am planning on doing the finishes starting Monday.
I am using an aniline dye (water based) and then pure tung oil with 50% citrus solvant. I keep hearing naysayers everywhere and am getting worried! My floor person has never used either before. Please let me know if you have more to add to this thread. Thanks!

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My first home, built in 1931, had a tung oil finish on the floors. We loved it. It had a satin matte look to it. We had dogs and birds and never had a problem with water spots, pet accidents, etc.

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I experience with pure tung oil on tabletops and counters is very very good. Make sure you apply it several times so that it's drenched in the stuff (making sure to wipe off the surface...). If it was my floor I'd apply at least one coat of Waterlox Satin thinned with solvent and pure tung oil to start building up a surface coating.

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Does waterlox YELLOW the wood?
Also: same question for ' Tung oil?" Thanks

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Just wanted to report back on the tung oil.. I did 10 coats of the tung oil with citrus solvent a few months ago. It looked fabulous...for a while. Unfortunately, now it looks very dull and it is not showing off the wood grain. I called the realmilkpaint company and they suggested it buff it. I did and nothing changed. So, after a lot of very hard work I think I have decided to put a coat of Bona Naturale on it. That wasn't even on my radar before, but what else can I do? Any feedback would be great. Thanks.

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