Flat Screen TV disaster

bountyonyourheartApril 24, 2007

OK, my dad just bought a 52 inch flat screen tv. It's not mounted on the wall, it's just mounted to this piece of furniture that's specificly designed for it. There's also about 10 inches between the TV and the wall, so you can see all the wires behind the TV. And now my mom isn't talking to my dad. But family matters aside; is there anything we can build or put on the side of the TV that won't look tacky?

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What is the make and model of the TV?


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That's not a serious problem. Seeing the topic title, I thought maybe it fell over and broke.

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Get some wire ties or split plastic tubing. Disaster solved.

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It's a common problem. Go to the local big box Home Depot type place - they should have all sorts of tubing and HiFi fix-its to put all the cable in. I know Menards has them!

I have a Home theater 7.1 set up with miles of cableing that can be sort of hidden.

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Can you post a photo of the problem?
Mark- thxdealer.com

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sounds like the disaster is mom not talking to dad. I'd like to see this "piece of furniture it's mounted to" - that could be part of the problem in the design.

Lots of ways to deal with the cables. The cleanest is to put them in the wall, but that's a big project and very permanent.

Go to radio shack and pickup the black tubing that wraps around the cables (a wire loom). It's not that pretty, but cheap and an easy way to make it better faster. Like this http://cableorganizer.com/wire-loom/colored.html

Check out this site for Thousands of Wire Management Products options: http://cableorganizer.com/

Here is a link that might be useful: CableOrganizer.com

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Boby Huffard

I have a friend who mounted 10 or 12 inch wide full length wood shutters on the wall on either side of the tv. They were swung out to bock view of back of TV and wires and could easily be folded back to access the wires as needed.

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The thing is- all the ads for these lovely flat screen televisions (and all other electronics, really) show them set up with not even one single wire or cord showing. So consumers get these things home then are flabbergasted at the numbers of cords involved in setting up a decent home theater. Unless you have the luxury of an empty room on the other side of the wall, wires are just a fact of life and I think the advertisers should be made to show them.
Even model houses will have a desk, a computer monitor, a keyboad, and no cords- it is designed to mislead.

So unless you are a very handy gadget geek adept at fishing wires you are doomed to have wires and cords. Or you hide everything inside a huge armoire and all your stuff overheats from lack of circulation. I do as good a job as I can with cord covers and electrical tape, but wires are a fact of life.

When I win lotto and build my dream house all the walls will be have lighted walkways inside so I can access all the equipment and hide all the supply cords.

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