Wired, Next Step?

peterbogApril 21, 2006

I have installed as part of construction CAT5 wire and RG6 TV cable from lots of points in and outside the house to a central wiring closet. So now I have a billion raw wires all labeled ready for the next steps. I need to figure out how to hook up and provide power to the electonics that go on each end.

I'd like to start with security cameras. What do I need? Obviously a camera...but what fittings hook the camera to the CAT5 and/or RG6 that will supply power? Also apparently a transformer to step the voltage down - will the CAT5 carry the voltage I need, plus sound, and leave video to the RG6? Can I use a single transformer for multiple cameras?

I bought a cheap camera kit just to get a start, and what has me confused is that it came with like 50 feet of cable and instructions to hook it up with that cable. I want/need to use the CAT5 and RG6 I installed for this purpose cause there is no way I'm going to try and pull their cable through the completed construction to the wiring closet.

Is there a good detailed reference book I can/should get, or web site I should study that will provide information on these type questions?


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Checkout russound systems. More info on this type of whole house audio/video distribution can be researched at AVSForum

Here is a link that might be useful: AVSForum Home Integration and Distribution

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