Bruce Dundee Plank? Appalachian Red Oak? Maine Traditions? Help!

miss_darcyJuly 24, 2012

So, we selected Maine Traditions Red Birch. We loved it. The designer loved it. The flooring installer saw our dog and shrieked, "Don't do it!"

We are looking at Bruce Dundee Plank because a friend has it (but no pets). However, all of the poor Bruce reviews make me nervous.

We also have a sample of Appalachian Red Oak (Canadian) that looks very similar. Priced maybe $1.00 higher than Bruce.

The lumber place also recommends Maine Traditions and Somerset.

Any advice and/or photos would be extremely appreciated. The dog is pretty small---maybe 25 pounds---but he does love to chase after the cat. Thanks!!!

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I worked for Bruce for many yrs. While I can't recall each style the finish is very durable on the factory finished flooring. The problem is if the graining is very clear, like in a maple- it will magnify each little scratch and scuff. If the grain has a bit of character like a rustic oak, you will hardly see any scratches. The good news is if you do pick a product and the scratches bother you its easy to recoat without resanding the floors and some people change to a matte finish if the original had a gloss finish. You can also buy 'booties' for the dog or nail guards.

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Thanks---that helps a lot!

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