Hiding Cable Box etc.

ross11April 20, 2009


I have a wall mounted LCD in my bedroom. I would like to put the DVD / Cable Box / TIVO in the bedroom closet across the room instead of on the dresser. I can probably get wires up to the attic, then down into the closet. It could be about 40 feet of wire with the ups and downs. Can anyone explain how I would make this work and what wires i would need to run?

Is there a better way?

Thanks for your advice and suggestions!


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you can do it, BUT if the box is not RF enabled you will have to be able to see it to operate it with teh remote.

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Check out this link.

I installed this and for the most part have been pleased. However, at times it doesn't work as you would expect.

A friend has something similar with no wires. It sends a signal to a station in his garage and then that signal is transfered to a device similar to the ir250 that then operates the components. Do you want me to get the name?

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