Hearing my pulse in my ears

catherinetMarch 11, 2007

Hi all,

I seem to go through spells where I can hear my pulse in my ear....swish-swish-swish-swish-swish. I can take my pulse rate, just by listening!

I wonder what causes that? My ears don't seem to be congested or anything. Its rather distracting.

I'm not low on fluid either. Any ideas?

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Is there a possibility that your blood pressure has periods where it is elevated? Maybe due to stress, etc?

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When that happens to me, it usually means that my blood pressure is up. I also get fluttering under my arm at times and can feel my heart beating that way too.

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When that happened to me, my family doc looked in my ears and said that there was wax that was sticking right on the ear drum. Removing it solved the problem. You can buy a wax removel kit at the local drugstore to 'do it yourself', but a checkup with your doctor is always a good thing.

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Thanks everyone,
My BP has been within normal limits.
I don't seem to make ear wax for some reason.
It just seems that the vasculature in my ears dilates for some reason?? Maybe they are congested and I don't realize it, other than the pulse??
Its probably another one of those things you start getting when your body wears out??? (I keep getting those those on a weekly basis!).

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When I am really stressed, the pounding in my ears is so loud that I have trouble hearing - but that is a normal stress response.

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I have the same thing. Comes and goes. It has been going on for a couple of years. My doctor told me it is nothing to worry about and there really isn't anything that can be done. Don't sweat it.

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Yep, I get that too from time to time... sometimes it will awaken me.. My cardiologist said that as long as my bp and other vitals are okay, then not to worry...
He said that it is fairly common..

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Thanks everyone!

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I have almost the same thing, I get a pulsing in my right ear, a lot, when I lay down to go to bed, & sometimes when I'm in the tub. it went away for a few days but now its back I'm not sure what it could be & its starting to worry me, I only get high blood pressure when I'm worked up, I suffer from aniexty & panic attacks, & I get worked up easily like now, I just want to know what I may be able to do? Or if be aware of what my doctor will say when I go see him about this.

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My left ear started doing the pulsing around four years ago. I went to an ent specialist and he looked in my nose and saw I had polyps. So I had surgery. The pulsing didn't go away. So two years later, I went to see a different ent and he told me the pulsing could come from gaining weight rapidly. He also looked at my nose and said the polyps had some back. (I suffer from acute allergies) so after my second sinus surgery the noise was still there. I had to have MRI and a host of other scans then finally a spinal tap. They drained access fluid from my spine. I was told something called pseudotoumor cerebri was causing my pulsing. I was told that pressure on the spine is normally 18 and mine was 25. The noise went away for a while but now it has returned with a vengence and has become painful at times. I hate to think this will last a lifetime.

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I can hear that pulse both when I'm meditating and when I'm lying down especially on my left side. I've discovered that on those days that I walk for at least 30 minutes it does not happen!

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I've been having the same problem for about 8 mths now on my left side, I noticed it first began after I rode a few rides on a trip to a major water park, after the trip when I noticed the pulsing I just thought it was caused by water build up or me screaming at the top of my lungs. Anyway I'm 27yrs old and I'm starting to be really worried...the pulsating noise is annoying,I have to put pressue on my neck, the back of my ear or just to fall asleep I would need to fold & prop about three pillows behind my head and force myslef to sleep through the noise on my left side. I've gone to the Doc's office and have them look at me as if I was crazy; so with that I am relieved to hear that I'm not crazy or alone. I,ve done an MRI and a Catscan and both came back negative. Am I losing my hearing or something worse...Please help! We need answers and most of all a cure.
PS. Is it me or are most of us suffering with this problem women?

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Dominique, the way you describe it sounds exactly the same as me. have you found out what it is yet? i think its high blood pressure so im getting fit now!

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Mine isn't high blood pressure. I still have it, even more so than when I first wrote this post.
Dominique.....did you have an MRA and MRV? That's how they take a look at your brain vessels.....not with a plain MRI.
I think for some of us, its from our carotid arteries lying very close to a bone near our ear and the sound is transmitted. I've also heard that it can indicate that your hearing is getting a little bad and if you get a hearing aid, it could help get rid of the pulsatile tinnitus.
I really do get tired of hearing it. And I'm always afraid they missed something on my MRA and MRV and a vessel in my brain is going to blow!
I think women are alot more aware of things in our bodies than men are.

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i am wondering the same thing my mom has had the same problem for 7 years and she has been to every dr you can think of and its all the same they cant find anything wrong it first started when she had a sneazing fit for like 10 mins straight non stop the next morning she woke up deaf so she had me to call the ear dr and make an er apoment they cleaned her ears out but the nurse srached the iner part of her ear but her ears poped open and she could hear but now eveery time she layes on her left side (not the side that was scrached)she hears that wosh soud while she is sleeping the only thing the drs told her was she could have a kenk in a blood vesel in her ear some ware next to the ear drum and its making that sound keeping in reathem with her heart beat thats all i know to tell you so ask you dr if that could be your problem too

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I have pulsitile tinnitus too. Email me at gneern@aol.com

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My hubby had ringing in ears- not what you have but his solution might help some of you- he had a radio on to music, he had it under his pillow as radios used to be pretty flat, that way he could listen to music & fall asleep. With ipods & all I guess some of you could come up with music & see if that helps & will calm you down also. I can't even find a nice regular radio & I loved playing cassettes as I recorded music I liked but wore out cassette player by my bed.

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Hi Ladies, i am a concerned husband who's wife has the same pulsing in the ear problem. My wifes situation is very similar to Dominiques, in that she also started to hear the pulse after a cruise vacation we went on,more specifically after she got out of the pool on ship. However we have a big communication barrier because she actually does not live in the states with me,she lives in another country. I'm in the process of bringing her to the states, so you could imagine how difficult it is for me to be so far away and have to deal with this, but thats another story. In reading this form I have seen a few patterns:1 All of you seem to be women and most of you seem to be between the ages of 25 and maybe 40 (on average) the last and most important pattern is the one posed by all the drs looking in to the matter, they either dont know what it is, or tell you ladies to live with it(my wifes dr actually told her to go live by a river or the sea). My wifes situation is the same the doctor said she has ECTASEA DEL SENO YUGULAR INFLAMADO, which translates, i think to: ECTASIA OF AN INFLAMED JUGULAR SINUS. Now i've done some research on the diagnosis and I cant come up with anything, to me it makes no sense but telling you why would just make this longer than it is already. My question to you ladies is: Are you ladies on any type of contraceptive? I ask because my wife is on Yasmin and we think Yasmin is the problem. As you may or may not know contraceptive have a long history in affecting womens health, more specifically in areas of the circulatory system and the heart. Sorry i know this is quite a read but I'm tring to take matters in to my own hands at least un till she gets here, although i see that american drs aren't any more knowledged on the matter. Finally, what does weight have to do on the matter because my wife has gained some weight since we met, is that the same case for you ladies did you start hearing the pulse after an unxpected weight gain. Thank you for reading and sorry for making it so long i've never written on a forum.

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I have problem my heart rate races IThe first symtom is I can hear my heart beat,I take 1/2 a pill 2xs a week for it,not good for heart to race weakens muscles around the heart,say something to your dr.Do you have bp cuff record date bp give list to dr.Mine also has pulse,I write that down.Instead of 1 visit this tellshim alot

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Mine is often due to pressure which has built up in my ear. If you open your mouth wide and press lightly on your ear, you may alleviate some of the pressure. It doesn't always work for me, but it works sometimes.

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I have been able to hear my pulse in my right eat for four years. It started after I went through 9 months of off and on pneumonia. While I was pregnant the pulse went away. It came back shortly after I gave birth. It will go away if I turn my head to the right. It has gotten louder and is beginning to drive me insane. It only happens when I sit or lay down. It's horrible. Why is this happening and can I do something to fix it?

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When I was a child I went to the doctor because I could hear my pulse in both my ears. My doctor assured me there was nothing wrong with my ears, no waxy build up or anything like that. I can't remember exactly when, but the pulsing eventually went away. I'm now 25 and for the last 2 months or so the pulse has come back but only in my right ear. It's so distracting, especially when I try to sleep, that I have taken to wearing an ear plug in my right ear just to get some respite. If I tilt my head to the right it stops, but comes straight back when I straighten my head. I check my BP regularly as I'm a student nurse and it's normal. I'm just hoping it'll go away again like it did when I was younger.

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this is a mostly a response to Alex, and really to anyone who has this annoying problem. Alex, you were so right! I've been hearing my heartbeat in my left ear for about 4 days now ��" when it was quiet and there was no music or talking I'd hear it. It didn't keep me awake or annoy me and I figured it would just go away, but when I googled it and came to your forum and read what some of you had gone through I got worried. But here's the rub: I thought about what Alex posted and it made sense (sorry, I don't know if you are a man or a woman, Alex) so Alex said that it was pressure in the ear and if they opened their mouth wide and pressed gently on their ear it would go away. So, I modified that: when I fly and the pressure builds up I hold my nose and blow gently, and that's what I did, and voila! cleared my ear and no heartbeat sound anymore.
It makes me wonder why doctors don't suggest this?! It's about as simple a solution as you can get! I realize it's possible some of you have other problems, but I'd really be curious to know if either Alex's or my method solved your problem or not. Good luck! Angela

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I Googled it and came up with a lot of information

Here is a link that might be useful: Pulse in ear

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Hello everyone:-) I suffer with allergies and about 3 weeks ago we had a major wind storm in my state and i started sneezing like crazy. I noticed that 2 days later I could hear a whooshing/heartbeat sound in my left ear and I've never experienced that before. I panicked and called my sister who is a registered nurse and she told me it could possibly be stress. I don't have insurance so I prayed and asked Jesus what do I do. Then it dawned on me..growing up I watched my dad drink apple cider vinegar (braggs) for everything. So I took a table spoon that morning and I didn't hear the sound all day and I took another one at night and I heard it a little but I continued that everyday for a week and I noticed that I only heard it when I got nervous or when I would wake up in the middle of the night. The noise began to lessen.. Then I discovered sudafed and started to take that at night and it helps me sleep at night and I don't hear the noise unless I start thinking about things that bother me or If I don't stick to the routine. I literally don't hear the noise at all now so I think I'll keep taking the vinegar and up my dosage of sudafed until I see a doctor because I only take 2 every night and I just started taking them 3 days ago. Before I started doing this it was loud. My prayer is that everyone gets better!

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I had that too. For me it lasted approximately 7 years. I have a gluten intolerance, which I found out two years ago. At first I was gluten light and a lot of other symptoms cleared but not this one. It wasn't until I was strict to be sure of any contamination that it fully cleared (approx six months ago). I had a chocolate which a friend brought from Belgium (last month) and because I couldn't read the ingredients (language barrier) I crossed my fingers and ate it. Within a day I had the pounding and pressure in the base of my neck and ears again which came and went for the next five days. The chocolate has "crispies" in it so I am sure it had some gluten. This topic is pretty common on the menopause thread too.

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anjilu, I was just searching the web, because the last couple of days, this same thing has happened to me, and it seemed to be getting louder. I tried the plugging my ears and blowing, and it worked! At least temporarily! Thank you!

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Your heart rhythm is off go to dr they have meds ,nw my huby had it they stopped his heart stared again.Its ok now.But just needed meds for now.

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