Feel like I'm breathing under water

cheerful1_gwMarch 21, 2006

Sometimes my breathing feels like I'm under water; my walking feels labored, like my legs are full of water(even though they don't look it). Don't know if it's related to my periods or menopause.

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Have you talked to your doctor about this? If you haven't, you should. I hesitate to suggest anything, but I feel somewhat like this during the allergy season. I just feel waterlogged. Not all allergies make you sneeze or cough. At any rate, you really should let your doctor know. He may want to watch to see if anything develops further.

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What agnespuffin said. From my own history, allergies can do terrible things. Are you on Long Island, cheerful1? I'm in NJ and the winds of the last several weeks, coupled with the lack of rain which is creating dust, are doing a real number on me: heart racing, head pounding, chest hurts, nausea, dizziness...the whole shebang. I would think you would also have experienced the winds.

Agnespuffin - your name reminds me so much of my mother. Her name was Agnes and after an experience at an Audubon camp off the coast of Maine in the 50's, she fell in love with puffins.

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Yes, I'm on Long Island. The winds have been awful here.

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A worst case cause for labored breathing accompanied by a draggy or heavy feeling is the possibility of the beginning of congestive heart failure, which doesn't always strike only those who are overweight and diabetic. But many other things can account for similar symptoms, such as a thyroid problem, which turned out to be the culprit in my case. I second Agnespuffin's suggestion to see a doctor if the feeling continues, just to rule out anything more serious than seasonal allergies.

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