swollen gland?

sally25March 25, 2006

My one year old has had bronchitis for a week now.. I just noticed a lump at the base of his skull, not quite on his neck.. You can't see it, just feel it.. It feels like the size of a pea and you can move it about slightly.. It's only on the one side.. Should I have it checked out?? Do you think it could be a swollen glad from being sick? Should I wait to see if it goes away when his bronchitis clears up?? Any input is welcome! Thanks a bunch..


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Call the dr. on Monday.

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I think I will.. I would just feel better about it.. Do you have experience with something like this? If you don't mind sharing, that is..

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No, I have no experience exactly like this, just know that you need to have it checked out so you will be sure your little one is ok, and so that you won't worry.

Is he feeling better? Have a fever? On antibiotics?

I just remember when my kids were little, sometimes I hated to bother the doctor's office, but they were always so nice and most times said "bring him in." It sure gave me peace of mind. Moms need that.

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