Coincidence? RCA Home Entertainment Systems

mrcloseApril 1, 2007

I had to purchase another surround system after my last one, an rca, quit working. (back to this in a moment)

I purchased the RCA RTD258, a 1000 watt 5 disc dvd/cd

home theater.

After less than 2 months of use, it will no longer turn on!

Not with the remote and not manually.

System is/was plugged into a surge protector and none of the other devices that are using the same protector have had any problems. (NON RCA)

Was working fine one evening, shut it off at bed time and the next morning .. Nothing!

Oh yea, the one that I was replacing .. The very same thing happened with it but I at least got a full six months out of that unit!

Both rca's .. both go dead in the very same way?

Coincidence or is rca just garbage?

BTW, My big screen RCA blew something on the Day after the warranty ended!

Three Hundred dollars to fix it!

Garbage ALL?


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Maybe not the bottom of the barrel, but certainly very close to it.

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