Strand Bamboo (Teragren Synergy)- Any Experience?

kat_ofhbJuly 6, 2008

Doesn't seem like a search is returning much if anything on this or similar "gen two" bamboo floor product. Who has actually installed and lived with this?

Wide search on Google mostly shows people who played with samples.

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We just installed ours the beginning of June. Did living, dining, hall and three bedrooms. I have to say I think it really looks great. It doesn't seem to have scratched much, but there are a few dings in it where things dropped when we moved everything back in.I had oak hardwood before and am pretty pleased with this product.

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^Good to hear! Red Oak by any chance? Regardless of the "up to 100% harder.." claim, it sounds like this material might be no worse for wear when subjected to normal living. What color did you select? Thanks.

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Right now I'm in the process of installing Cali-Bamboo's version of stranded bamboo. It's called Fossilized and it rates a 3000 on the hardness scale. They can't get the staples through at all. That's pretty hard.


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^Yes but nailing but create problems as well. The right tools at the right force setting is critical with this flooring. Cali has some nice accessory pieces in bamboo. I'll check out your material- thanks.

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I agree, I would rather not nail, however, I have radiant floor heat and gluing is not an option. I only mentioned the problem to stress how hard the floor actually is.

It's absolutely gorgeous stuff and the customer service has been amazing. They worked with me a lot on price because of the amount I was buying (almost 2000 square feet) and have taken every single one of my phone calls about problems on install and talked to my installer multiple times.

Their stuff is low VOC, sustainably harvested etc. AND going over radiant doesn't void the warranty like others...much cheaper than Teragren.


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Supplier in Salt Lake City, Green Building Center, recently discontinued dealing with Teragren because of failure to take care of customer problems. Now they are carrying Plyboo which is every bit as nice looking (or better) than the Teragren products. Check out the dark strand prefinished 1/2 by 3 3/4.

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We had chosen the natural, it looks great. Prior to this in our old home we did have red oak flooring. We have now got a few scratches in our high traffic hall way. Fine ones I am sure from the dogs nails. Other than that it seems to be standing up okay, and we've had lots of compliments on it,

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I am wondering if you know how flexible this stuff is. Our installer obviously thought bamboo is easy to install, but never actually installed it. He had trouble with the psi, the nail guns and-- flatness.

The floor is fully installed. And we are the big losers. He shimmed the floor, but it just created voids and dips everywhere. Level, but not nearly flat. It feels like a cheap floating floor. This is the 1/2" Teragren Synergy. It seems like a great product, and gorgeous. But obviously the installer treated it like 3/4 hardwood.

I have full access to the subfloor from the basement. Do you think I could drill 3/8" holes up through the subfloor and inject PL Premium? Do you think this would fill the voids??

Please help!

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I ordered a sample of the Cali Bamboo Fossilized Java back in the spring. The piece I got looked way to light compared to pics on the site so now that we are moving forward with a remodel, I actually sent away for a whole box. Boy am I glad I did. It looks NOTHING, like the sample, i am convinced even though it said java the sample was the organic mocha. Anyway the fossilized java looks amazing and with the 10% off sale going on, looks like I may need to order. Damn may wallet just got a lot lighter.

To those that have installed, how did install go. Cali says the fossilized is very difficult to nail.

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after much deliberation have decided on Teragren Synergy wide plank floating in Java color. the installation is being done over a concrete slab (above grade). I want a good quality underlay and I've heard good things about the floor muffler & sound solutions. does anyone have any input on this?

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Any pics of the Bamboo floor installed especially in the Java color? Did you use the horizontal or vertical bamboo flooring? Which floor muffler and sound solutions did you use? What color is Java in person? Is the color lighter or darker than Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring? Can the solid bamboo be installed over a cement floor over a floor muffler without the problems of expansion and contraction problems of solid hardwood flooring if the humidity levels fluctuate a lot?

How is the scratching factor on the finish used?

I actually like the Bamboo but wish it came in more colors with maybe a color with a touch of an auburn or cherry in it.

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I just installed this floor (brindle) in my home office. It looks great and I found the quality very good. In fact, I did not have any unusable boards. It would be nice if more of the two foot boards were included in each box, though.

As for working with the product, a good blade on your saw is a must; I used an 80 tooth Diablo. If you need to make a cut-out for a floor vent, it's tough since the material is so hard. Even using my Fein Multimaster, it was a challenge. When it came to nailing, I had no problems with the compressor set to around 90 psi.

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Hi - Does anyone have strong opinions on EcoTimber bamboo (woven) flooring v. Morning Star (stranded)?

Consumer Reports recently (Aug 2009) rated EcoTimber's Woven bamboo flooring best in the "prefinished solid wood flooring". Morning Star (a LumberLiquidators' product) was not tested but it is about $460 less for a 288 sq.ft room. Online reviews of morning star are generally positive but there are some horror stories about fumes (but these may be outdated?) Their website does not say anything about their formaldehyde levels. (EcoTimber is made with no urea-formaldehyde). Can anyone comment? thanks!

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I don't know anything about the the Morning Star product but EcoTimber and Teragren are really good quality products. I know that Teragren has no urea-formaldehyde but I am unsure about the EcoTimber. Check out these links on the respective sites.

Here is a link that might be useful: Teragren Synergy Strand

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I purchased Teragren Flooring in Auburn, Washington. Within hours my floor was covered with dents. Upon calling the company many months and phone calls later they agreed to a "independent contractor" who was a Bamboo specialist to come out and remove a board and test the flooring. His testing results came back with a "manufacturing defective" floor. They then felt the need to have the floor tested by their own lab and low and behold the flooring is testing just fine. They will not stand behind their warranty of covering dents, they will not replace the flooring with the correct boards and they are not supporting the customer or standing behind their warranty. I have filed with the BBB and the Attorney Generals Office due to the lack of customer service. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TERAGREN FLOORING TO ANYONE. This company needs to support their customers.

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I had Teragren synergy installed in my living rm, dining and all 4 bedrooms. I love the look of it, but I started to have problems with the boards cupping. Was glued to concrete with moisture testing prior. No support from my installer, seller, or Terragren. So I am stuck with a wavy floor. Dont think I would use this product again.

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I've had Teragren strand bamboo floors (glued/on grade cement) for four yrs and have been pleased except there has been areas that have gotten much darker than other areas. Also had slight cupping that smoothed out somewhat when I stopped using a humidifier, but still cups a little. Recently, 4 planks have buckled, though not in an area that would have accumulated moisture. Has anyone else had discoloration or buckling?

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