Do Sony LCDs have problems? Mine does

marc_iaApril 15, 2010

Our new 46" Sony just quit working...about two months old. The green light comes on showing power to the tv but no picture or sound. The store arranged for someone to give us a call which they did and after a long discussion they said a panel would be need to be replaced!! We have been without our tv for a couple weeks and even after several phone part or fix. In the meantime I am wondering if this is a common problem. Should I be satisfied with a fix (if it ever happens) or consider arguing for a different TV I am wondering.

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No, Sony doesn't have any more problems than any other manufacturer... they all have occasional problems. That being said, I don't know how anybody could diagnose a problem over the phone. I think your problem is not with the TV but with whoever it is you purchased it from. Almost any dealer has the ability to replace failed product within the first 90 days through the distributor.

Call the dealer, call Sony, call the Better Business Bureau but don't take this sort of stuff!

Good luck!

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Thanks Bill for your thoughts. As a matter of fact, the new Sonys - come to find out - have some sort of self diagnosing system and by answering some questions on the phone, the problem can be determined - apparently. Now, we finally got a call from the Sony tech - very apologetically telling us that it is very unusual to have a problem getting the part but it is on back order and wont be available till mid = june. I told her that was unacceptable and she said she understood and that she had told the salesman (our very good friend I don't want to cause any problems with) at the store where we purchased it and we should talk to him. I am trying to decide if I should say I want a replacement - a new tv. After really looking into it, I realize time flies and we have actually had the tv for six months.

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