Ideas for mounting 60' plasma on a corner

madsterApril 6, 2009

Looking for pictures and ideas for mounting a 60" plasma in the corner of the room. Speakers will be going on the ceiling but I need some ideas for building/designing a space to integrate components (6 components)

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You can use a dual-arm swing mount, which allows you to adjust the viewing angle. You can then mount the TV at a custom viewing height and swivel the TV to the best viewing position.

Or you can buy a properly-sized entertainment cabinet that is installed between the two walls (obviously) and put your HDTV on top. This allows to store some equipment underneath. Make sure you buy one with a large enough compartment for your center speaker channel. Measure your center speaker first before shopping online.

The problem with corner mounting is the difficulty in getting a properly balanced sound if you have a surround sound system. Normally one puts the center channel below (or above) the TV and then the left and right channel front speakers about 3-4 feet away from the TV on either side, so you get a proper soundstage and imaging.

In a corner mount TV you need to ideally put the front two speakers about 6-8 apart from each other (depending on the room size), but have them tilted out from the walls to center the sound. If you mount them flush on the walls, they will be pointing in opposite directions and ruin the soundstage.

If you are wall or ceiling mounting speakers there are some vqarieties available that allow you to point the speakers properly.

If quality sound isn't that important to you, then you won't have the great equal or better-than-theatre type performance.


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