Help me design simple, system on budget?

politicauxApril 11, 2009

I'm just starting a full renovation on home in New Orleans that's still gutted since Hurricane Katrina. I've got the electrician and HVAC systems going in now, which means soon it'll be time to run speaker wire and close in walls. I've already got a surround sound system (receiver + speakers) that I'm pretty pleased with and will bring to the new house, but I'd like to add distributed audio to the rest of the house while I've got the chance. My wish list is fairly short:

--Audio distribution to 4-6 zones (max run from central A/V cabinet is about 30 ft)

--Independent volume control from each zone

--2 speakers/zone (with exception of great room, which will have 7.1 surround)

--simple, inexpensive equipment

I'm very comfortable with a/v wiring in general but have never had the need to learn about distributed audio options. Anybody have suggestions for equipment or a good place to start?

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Oh, and single-source . Thanks!

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