From Cable to AT&T U-Verse?

mwhets01March 11, 2009

Anyone have experience with the new fiber optic U-Verse through AT&T? I am considering the change, but don't know anyone that currently has this service.

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I can't compare the two services for you but I'd suspect that they are much the same. I don't know about AT&T but I heard that Verizon won't let you go back to copper once you make the switch to fiber. The one big advantage of POTS (that's Plain Old Telephone Service) is that the phone usually works during a power outage. With fiber the phone only works as long as the batteries hold up.

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I'm not sure what information you're looking for, but I have ATT uverse and I love it. The technician used the same wiring (no drilling etc) that was existing for cable. The DVR lets you tape four shows at one time and play them back in a different room. I have had zero technical difficulties. I also like that you can program your dvr from the internet.

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I love it. They can either use your existing wiring or they can install their own thats thinner and looks more like a phone connection cord than a cable cord. The service is great, we haven't had any issues. I love the DVR service. I would recommend them. :)

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