Anyone using or tried electronic cigarette?

eileenlaunonenMarch 5, 2009

I seen this on the show The Doctors and im looking for opinions and/or info on this. Has anyone tried this?

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I know someone who is trying this. She says it isn't going to be the absolute key to quiting smoking but in the meantime, she is at least getting none of the tars of a real cigarette and only part of the nicotine.

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I am cigarette free.

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Bottom line - even though they aren't marketed to help people quit, I know a lot of people who have tried e-cigs and are starting to use them more frequently than regular cigarettes. They also allow people to smoke in more locations as well as save money. Cigarette costs are going up and with the economy on pins and needles it just makes sense to start cutting back on spending money.


Here is a link that might be useful: Finiti E-Cigarettes

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