Teeth ridges?

ms_minnamouseMarch 4, 2009

Is it normal to have ridges on the ends of my incisors, and some but not as much, on my other front teeth?

One dentist told me that I grind at night but I was waiting until I get my wisdom teeth out and braces done with to see if it stops. Or if this is caused by grinding, should I get a guard now?

Yes, the thread on here inspired me to ask this.

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Hi ms minnamouse,
I have ridges on all my front teeth, but alot less on my incisors. My dentist told me that our teeth grow from several buds, and in most people, they fuse together well and you can't see ridges. But some of us have teeth that haven't fused all the way. I don't have ridges on my top incisors, just the bottom ones.
My guess is that its just the way you were born. Does it bother you?

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Nope, doesn't bother me. I was just wondering if it was some kind of damage.

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