4k or uhd tv

dodge59March 27, 2014

Has anyone here bought a 4K (Ultra High Definition) TV yet?

Last year, reviewers were saying it's a "gimmick" especially if screen size is less than 60 inches.

This year, they are "Singing a different tune", partly because OLED TV has kind of "dropped off the scene" except for LG, and an older model Samsung.

A very good friend of ours bought a 55 inch 4k and she really likes it, yet it's "Strange", when she was over to our house, She remarked, "How great a picture my old Sharp Aquos 52" TV has~~~~so that does make one wonder?

The Sharp still works great, but I'm thinking of replacing it this Autumn, and getting a "Smart TV".

Right now I have a cmptr hooked up to it and can do about anything a smart TV can, but I think a Smart TV would be more simple and easier to operate. I'm a "Techie" so no problem for me, but want to make life easier for the Wife.

Even if you don't have a 4K TV your inputs are welcome as to what you think!!!

I'm still thinking about "Holding off" till there are more OLED TV's on the "Scene"!



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If you still enjoy the image on your set and you are not moving up in size, I would think twice about upgrading.

I recently purchased the 55 inch Samsung UHD and I really love it. I got it on a 25% off sale as it is a 2013 model. I was moving from a 42 inch Hitachi plasma that was eight years old and never had a single issue with it. I just wanted a better image and a slightly larger size to fit into a limited space. I will say the image is amazing! Scenes that seemed to be somewhat flat in the past actually makes me feel that I am on the set watching the scenes being "filmed". As part of the deal on buying the TV, Samsung is sending a drive with true 4k content free and will be anxious for it to arrive.

UHD is still early and the specifications will evolve over time. I bought the Samsung set as it uses the One Connect Box and that can be replaced without replacing the entire TV when the technology advances.

The "Smart" aspect of the TV is interesting and easy to use but I am not sure I will be using it as much as I had hoped. It has all of the apps to stream content from all of the major players but their material is limited. Skyping is nice if you have several people in the conversation from your home but my wife still uses her MacBook Pro so she can sit anywhere. I have not yet hooked up a drive to it to play my recorded movies. One thing that I learned was that the wireless reception was not that good and had to add wireless extender to get decent speed for the set. The MBP and iPad showed great speeds but the TV chugged along until I set up the extender and now it is running great.

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Thanks for the review, Robert!

A couple of questions, how does the picture look when upscaling less that a "true HD source" (IE less than 1920 x 1080)?

I have made a lot of slide shows, many are "True HD" and many are not and some are DIVX~~~~they all look great on my Sharp.

I do have a cmptr hooked to it and the modem for it is on the 2nd floor, (wireless),and the Netgear thumb attatched to the TV downstairs shows "Excellent reception", so I am a bit concerned on your need to add an extender.

I think I will go with your advice and keep the Sharp, until the OLED TV's are more "mainstream"``bugs like possible burn in, as well as a shorter life on the blue OLED (Samsung), are all worked out!

Thanks Again!


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