Blood Pressure readings?

berkMarch 9, 2010

Yesterday my husband went to the doctor and the nurse checked his BP and it was 122/80. Then 15 min. later the doctor came in and checked it and it was 140/89. How could that be? I said it was maybe because he was stressed over waiting for the doctor to come in next. He didn't think so and thinks maybe his blood pressure isn't high after all. Any ideas on this one?


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There can be minute-to-minute variations in blood pressure.
Also, unfortunately people take BPs differently and that could factor in. Maybe the nurse did it over his clothes and the doc didn't; maybe it was a different machine, etc.
Tons of people have "whitecoat syndrome", and its quite normal to have your BP go up when seeing the doc.
I don't think 140/89 is that horrible in a stressful situation.
If you're concerned, purchase a BP cuff/stethoscope and have a medical person show you the correct way to take a BP. That way, you'll know what your husband's pressure is at home throughout the day.

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My BP is always higher when I go to the doctor, its a stressful situation as you get older! However, it has shown an increase in the last couple of years from around 115/60'ish to the low 120/60's ish. I take mine at the places where they have the machines like our grocery store pharmacy and my rec center. I don't compare the results between the two places but over a period of time at the same places. Plus it does vary during the time of day. I would be more concerned if it stayed in the 140's on average than just that one time. It doesn't hurt to check it routinely.

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We do have our own BP machine at home. Mine runs around 117/80 and my husbands runs around 138/82. we both have high blood pressure and take different medicines for it. He has just started taking medicine a week or so ago.
It is so hard finding foods we both can eat! I also have high cholestrol and can't take any of the medicine and then he has , maybe diabetes, they are watching him on that one now and he will have to go take a Glucose Tolerance test real soon.
So it is hard finding foods for both of us!

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I was visiting the doctor. I had an almost healed broken hip and my husband was bugging about not using my cane right. When I got into the doctor and she took my blood pressure and it was 185/85. She was concerned but I explained what was going on. She asked if I could take it at home. For 3 weeks I took my blood pressure 4 times a day always at the same times.

My blood pressure was always low in the morning and it varied throughout the day. In those 3 weeks it never went above 135/85 and was mostly lower than that. It never went out of the normal range. Your blood pressure does not stay the same all the time. It goes up or down depending on what you are doing and how you are feeling.

Any stress or argument can raise your blood pressure, but that does not mean you have high blood pressure. I had a friend who's doctor put her on blood pressure medication and she felt horrible. She went back to her doctor. They monitored her and found out the only time she had high blood pressure was on doctor's visits.

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