Today is my anniversary

perk2March 16, 2004

Today, March 16, is my 1 year anniversary of being SMOKE FREE. I feel GREAT!!!!!!! I am so proud of myself!!!!!!!! Just wanted everyone to know.

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Wow! That's probably the most difficult thing someone can ever do! And you did it! You deserve to be proud! Wish I knew how to do those cute graphics. I would do one of me patting you on the back!!! Job well done!

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That's wonderful! I've watched people do that, and am always glad I never smoked, as I'm not sure I could quit.

Just think of the gunk that's gone from your lungs.


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A Great BIG "CONGRATULATIONS" to you!!! You should be proud of yourself. It is a huge challenge to accomplish. I quit on Jan 7th of this year. I felt proud on Feb 7th, then on Mar 7th...I can't wait till I hit the one year just like you.

Thanks for letting us know as it gives us encouragement!!!


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I am so proud of you and you too, Pam! My sister has heart problems and still smokes, even though her doctor told her she had to quit. She doesn't smoke "that much" she says, but just one is too many. I think its just a crutch for her, not to mention how addictive this habit is - that's why I am so proud of anyone who can quit! How did you do it?

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I set a "quit" date and the night before I said "This is it, I know I can do it" And I did !!!! I guess you would say it was "cold turkey". The first few days were the worst But I had my grandchildren come to my workplace and there they stood with a bouquet of flowers and big bright balloons that said "We love Grandma". I asked them what this was for (not my birthday,anniversary or a special day) and all they had to do was say "Cause we are so proud of you Grandma for quitting smoking" Right there that was proof I made a difference in everyones life. They made me feel so good that I could never disappoint them by smoking again.

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Ever since my Grandson was born I would tell myself, "I have to quit smoking or I won't see him grow up". Well, each year turned into another year. His birthday would come and go and I was still puffing away. 'Till this year. He turned 5 on January 7th so I made that my first full day of being SMOKE FREE. "Cold Turkey" as they say. I feel absolutely wonderful. Being only 5 yrs old, my grandson doesn't realize what I have done for him, but my son and daughter-in-law are so proud of me, I could never go back to smoking again.

Finally after 33 years of depending on something I thought I had no control over....I AM FREE!!


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Keep up the good work, I know you can do it Pam. It is hard but if I could do it, then I know you can also. If you ever need someone to talk to just email me. Just in case you want to know My name is Pam also. I think that this is more than a coincidence, (don't you???) GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

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OMGosh...very pleased to meet you, Pam. I thought there was something special when I stumbled upon your post.

It was very hard at first, but it's getting much easier with each passing day. My main concern now is my weight. I have never had a problem with my weight but now...OH MY! I really need to get a grip on this, and quick!!

Hopefully, things will settle down and I will feel comfortable in my new routine. I am such a creature of habit.

Thanks for making my day. Hope to chat again!


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You are very welcome. After I quit smoking I did gain some weight (about 10 pounds) but I have since lost it. I eat a lot of fruit now. I don't care for vegetables at all,except corn. So when I am hungry I usually reach for an apple or grapes. Keep up the good work. I always felt that if I did gain "some" weight that would still be better than smoking.

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Pam--- How's it going?? It's 3 months now for you, Right? Having any trouble? I certainly hope not I know you can do it. GOOD LUCK TO YOU, Pam

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Hi Pam!!
It's going really well! It was 3 months on April 7th. "YEAH!!!!" Can't say I've had any real trouble, but that's not to say that I have totally forgotten about 'em. Ever once in awhile it just pops in my head that I sure would like to have a puff, but it goes away pretty fast.

Thank you so much for asking. You just made my day!! I know I shouldn't wish away time...but I can't wait until I can say "I haven't smoked for a whole year!"

I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Your Indiana friend....Pam.

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CONGRATULATIONS PAM------ I am very proud of you. Yes it is hard but YOU CAN DO IT !!!!!! Keep up the good work. Before you know it you will be posting----TODAY IS MY ANNIVERSARY.

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Pam--- This is Pam also. Just wondering how is it going for you? By my calculations you should be about 6 months smoke free??. You haven't started have you?? I hope not because I know you can do it. Keep me posted !!!!!

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Hey...Hi Pam!!!

Yip, your right. It's been 5 months 3 weeks and 2 days since my last cig. I have saved $1,064.18 that I would have spent on cigs. And...I have "NOT" smoked 5,255 cigaretts. "WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO"!!!!

It is so much better now. There are days that I don't even think about 'em. But there are days that it will just pop in my head, "Cigarette". But unlike before, it's just a thought. No more cravings, or feeling sorry for myself, and no more self pitty. I FEEL WONDERFUL!!!

I can honestly say I will never smoke again.

Thank You for asking!! I've been so busy this summer, I haven't been posting here very much, but I usually check in every couple of days. Hope to chat again in the near future.

Pam in Indiana

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What wonderful news! You should be so proud of yourself.

I stopped on June 2, 1985, and it was the best gift I ever gave to myself.

Continued good health!!

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Thank you DeeMarie5500. I am proud of myself. I didn't really think I had it in me to actually do it. But my DH has always said I am pretty head strong. I have always believed that I could do whatever I put my mind to. And the silly thing is....I usually do.

I sure wish I would have stopped in 1985. I believe it was the best gift you could ever give yourself. Congratulations to you and wishing you the very best of health.


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To both Pams, hats off to you!
I celebrate on October 17th of every year. That's my anniversary. It'll be eight years this fall. I smoked for many years.

Again, congratulations. I know what it takes (and what it gives).

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