Lasting Abdominal Pain...

aimhoofMarch 15, 2009

Starting in November I have had moderate abdominal pain. I have sharp, stabbing pain in my right lower abdomen, but sometimes in my left lower abdomen. Also, I have a dull constant pain in my mid-upper abdomen (kind of where the rib cage meets). The pain is so bad at times that I have to lay down for a while (the fetal position helps a little with the pain). I'm constantly nauseated, but it is worse after eating (if I eat). I have headaches, run a low-grade fever most of the time, and am tired all the time now.

I have been to multiple doctors since this all started and they all say something different. One doctor said it sounded like appendicitis, but the CT scan didn't show any inflammation of my appendix. The ER said it was just normal and sent me home with some pain pills. Another doctor told me that I have Celiac disease and put me on a gluten free diet. I went back to the first doctor and they said that the CT scan from the ER showed "one probable gall stone" (when they took my gall bladder out, it was packed full of stones, even though none of them showed up on any of the tests). When I went in for my check up with the surgeon, he gave me some medicine to help with the pain and said it's just pain from the surgery (completely ignored the fact that the pain was there before the surgery).

I recently went to an herbalist and he said that I have 6 kidney stones in my right kidney. I'm taking the "medicine" that he suggested, but as of yet, it isn't helping.

Does anyone have an idea of what this could be? Has anyone been through this before? Any suggestions on how I can get better?

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Check this out.

I've had a gallbladder operation too.

I've also had an ulcer due to the bacteria H.pylori. A simple blood test can tell you if you have it. This bacteria can cause an ulcer and is treated with a 7-day heavy use of antibiotics and prevacid. The pain would come after I ate.

How does your herbalist know that you have 6 kidney stones in your right kidney??

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I have no idea how the herbalist knows. He says he prays to God and then God tells him how to help his patients. Some of my family and friends told me to go to him because he's helped them. When my aunt went in, he knew about her son that died of SIDS in the 70's and that she had cancer a few years after that.

Thanks for the sites. I actually use Mayo Clinic's site a lot.

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