Any Brandi Carlisle fans?

bestyearsJune 3, 2012

I've just discovered her, thanks to NPR, and cannot believe I've never heard of her. Just love her voice and her songs.... From my subsequent reading about her, it seems as if she has been discovered by new fans through Grey's Anatomy, which featured many of her songs over the seasons. I have never watch GA, so I missed that link, but am still a bit startled I've never heard her music...

The Story, Are You Alright?, Turpentine..... I'm just completely loving her music.

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I've heard a couple of her songs but didn't know who the artist was. She is very good.

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She has been my go to female artist for years - lover her! In fact, it was a Brandi Carlisle concert that put me over the edge in wanting to move. She played here in Chicago, tickets were $78 ea, parking for that venue runs about $30, it takes us an hour (if there's little traffic which there NEVER is in Chicago) for us to get there and park, dinner in the city near the concert is pricey, and on and on. She played the same tour in Greenville, SC, tickets were $25, parking free and access is a breeze compared to here so you could eat out or at home first. That was my tipping point - time to live an easier life in a smaller place. She plays in Seattle and surrounding areas a lot (her home) and my son got to see her in concert a few times - says she and the twins put on a great show.

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Thanks lukki and DLM -it feels like such a gift to discover a new artist.... I love her voice, her style and her words. I may have played The Story a few too many times today. DD (16) asked how many more times I was going to play my 'suicide music', LOL..... She reminds me of Brooke White of AOL fame. Maybe BW did one of her songs once? DLM, I love Greenville, SC. What a neat little town. We spent a day there while on a NC/SC roadtrip of sorts a few years ago. I'm going to have to pick your brain in another post. DD and I will be in Chicago for a few days this summer and will be looking for some good eats. She's a vegetarian, and we both love good, fresh food,

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Loooove her. We discovered her by accident. She opened for Sheryl Crow in Boston a couple of years ago. Had no idea who she was until then, but I can tell you that DH and I liked her performance better than Sheryl Crow's! That summer I listened to her music constantly. We saw her (just Brandi!) last fall again and she was amazing. She's coming back to our area again this summer and I'd see her again if we weren't going to be away.

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sueb -what a treat that must have been! I wish she had more songs already!

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bestyears - she has quite a collection - have you checked her website?

Here's another artist you might enjoy - totally different but her voice is as captivating to me. Shannon Whitworth

One of my favorite videos of Brandi doing one of my favorite songs. Best line: How long, can you hold your breath? Can you count to ten, can you let it pass?

This girl rocks a guitar! Honestly, I get chills watching her - can you tell I have a crush ;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Dreams

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I have a crush too ;)

Saw her do this one in Boston. The crowd went nuts. She is so great.

Here is a link that might be useful: Folsom Prison

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dlm, thanks! I missed your post here, and am off to look at more songs. Was just going to iTunes....

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dlm -I DO like Shannon W. I downloaded a couple of her songs, as well as the Bear Creek album from Brandi. Have a number of projects to crank out in my sewing room, and this music is keeping me company....

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