Claudification leg pain - what does it feel like?

surfergalMarch 9, 2006

I just started a walking routine in February. The more I try to do the more my legs hurt. In the beginning I could do 10 minutes on low spead treadmill before becoming tired or out of breath. I would then do other excercise bike or weights and then return to treadmill. I went from 3 days a week to 4 than 5. Now, After 4-5 minutes of walking my calf muscles will tighten and hurt - at least one leg, sometimes both, so I have to stop. It feels like a charlie horse is coming on. I have been adding lots of leg, shin and calf stretches to my cooldown routines increasing since I started. But after 3 weeks it is not going away. I do wear 2" heels at work daily. Could this be claudification leg pain?

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I doubt it. That's a peripheral vascular issue with folks with heart disease. Normally in much older people. Do you fit that bill?

If not, then you're probably just overdoing it. Are you overweight? Have you been using your exercise bike and not having this problem? Only when you use the treadmill? How long do you stretch? You say you stretch for cool-down - what about for warm-up?

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yes quite overweight, that is why I am exercising - age 55. yes on the bike too sometimes. Last I heard stretching was not recommended until after warm up, So I warm up on the treadmill, legs hurt after 4-5 min. then I stretch for 5 min. or more when pain goes away. Most times I do leg stretches sometimes 4 or 5 times for five min or more during each workout now and at home on between days.

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I found this interesting article, it pertains to running but I think the regimen looks good.

Click here

Have you had a check up recently? Good for you for getting going on this.

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The problem may be that you are doing the same thing everyday. With a good workout every other day, the muscles have tiny little break downs and then heal stronger. Doing the same thing everyday, does not give them time to heal. You need to alternate with leg exercise one day and go for something for the upper body on the next day. Once you get in shape, you won't have this problem. February hasn't been that long ago. Give yourself time!! Try every other day and see if it gets better.

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According to my doctors, one of the best defining characteristics of claudication is that it goes away soon after you stop exercising. Mine didn't. It just continued to tighten and hurt for hours after exercising. I was given an arterial ultrasound test anyway just to rule it out for certain. My leg cramps apparently are a part of my fibromyalgia. I have improved over time though - by sticking with my exercise program. I do best with an aerobic exercise that constantly changes the particularly muscle being stressed. Is there a group you can join?

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thanks, I did see a doctor and have a stress test before starting. The leg pain will go away after a few minutes of rest, but comes back, which is why I asked the question. As I am sure you all know, heart disease for women is much different than for men, so most doctors do not see the symptoms as easily. Heart disease does run in my family. I am unable to do the leg machines because of artritus knee problems and an arm injury is keeping me from the upper body machines, so my options are becoming limited.

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I had leg pain and it took the doctor three weeks and four ex rays to come up with and answer.After I suggested arthritis .He said "yes".Between Advil olive oil and wood lock oil I got rid of the pain.Still a little stiff but good working order,The main thing you can't give up.You got to try everything.In your trying you will hit the nail on the head.

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How's your leg pain going, surfergal?
I was concerned about your having claudication, until I read that you'd had a stress test.
With your age, I'm wondering if you need some calcium/magnesium supplements. When I started going though perimenopause, and my estrogen was sinking, I would get leg cramps very easily.........just by climbing a few stairs. So I suggest you start taking 1200mg calcium and at least 500mg magnesium a day (in 2 doses). The magnesium may give you diarrhea, so you can go down on the dose if that happens. Or if the calcium gives you constipation, you can go up on the magnesium.
If I go one day without these supplements, my muscles start spasming. Good luck!

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