TV Remote Help.....please...anyone?

teresa_nc7March 23, 2010

My tv remote was dropped while I was watching a DVD and is now really broken (where it was just cracked before). I have a new Universal remote, but I can't get the TV out of Video mode and back to regular cable TV so I can search for the codes so I can get back to tv.

Maybe it is crazy to ask for help with this, but I don't know what else to do and there is no one here to help.

I would appreciate any assistance anyone could give me.


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Looks like the only fix is a new remote from the TV manufacturer. At $34 that's cheaper than a new TV.

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Understand that the code is for the remote, not the TV. So once you program the remote it should work regardless of how the TV is set.

Another option might be one of the Harmony remotes where you program it from your computer. Basically you connect the remote to your computer via a USB cable, go to a website, input you TV, and it takes care of getting it programmed correctly.

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