Exciting topic- floor mopping!

nancybee_2010June 22, 2014

How do you mop your floors? (all kinds)

I have been trying to find the right thing (newish house for me) for my travertine floors. I have been reading that a ph neutral cleaner is best for stone. Someone (on the internet- I googled) said murphy's oil soap would be good- so I squirted some on and it immediately stained it (not a huge problem, fortunately, because of the busy pattern) Anybody know what might have happened? How do you clean your travertine floors? I am interested in mopping other floor types too- I also have some maple floors.

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I know nothing about travertine....but I wash all my floors (wood and porcelain) with a steam mop with just water.

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Not sure about travertine either, but I used to do my wood floors with vinegar and water on my hands and knees (and dry as I went along). Then I got a steam mop. This worked well when I was in a pinch and needed to clean the floors quickly. It never got them really clean I felt (3 young kids and a big dog lead to a lot of "stuff" on the floor in the kitchen).

I was channel surfing last week and qvc was featuring a Hoover mop for wood and tile. I was completely roped in! It was less expensive at bed bath and beyond so I got it there. I figured that if it didn't meet the hype I could always return it (bb&b has a very generous return policy!). I love it though! It scrubs the little pieces of dried oatmeal, etc off the floor and dries it too. I used it twice in the week I've had it because it is so easy. I know my floors have never been cleaned twice in one week!

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Don't use vinegar on travertine!

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I am not positive about travertine, but I know that I have become a major fan of steam mops. I have a mostly white (yes some grey some brown some pink) tile floor throughout my kitchen, laundry room and entry foyer. I also have a black shedding messy dog. I do have to sweep quite a bit but the steam mop is ideal because I do find that using it (with only the water) does clean, and the best part is that it dries so quickly. Before the steam mop, I was usuing a sponge mop wrapped in a towel or cloth of any kind to help it dry because the dog would ALWAYS step in the wet and I would always have doggy footprints.
I have the basic shark steam mop which I recently saw at Home Depot as a close out (it's been around for a long time and I am sure they are going to discontinue it b y probably changing the color of something)// for $49.00
Mine is about 4 yrs old and I paid maybe 59 for it.... if it breaks I would likely go out and buy the same.
Money well spent in my opinion.
I especially like that it is only steam. no chemicals.

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I don't want to start a new topic when this thread is close to a question I have about mopping floors. Hope you don't mind if I ask it here:

*do you with those wonderful steam mops think they would hold up on brick floors? Would the pads tear up quickly? Are they expensive to replace?

Thanks for any info.

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I have on-site finished, polyurethaned oak floors and travertine floors. In both cases, the material instructions said to use water only. I vacuum first. I have a flat mop that has its own terry cloth cover. However, I use those small towels from Costco that I buy in bulk. Wet a towel, wring it out, attach to mop, mop until towel is dirty, repeat until the towel doesn't get dirty when I mop that area. When I'm finished, I wash the load of towels.

I just noticed the other day that after 10 years, my travertine floor is starting to get some pits where the fill has come out and some chips on the edge of two tiles where we roll a heavy bathroom stool/hamper over the area. I need to fill those areas and seal the floor.

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thanks everyone

fun2bhere, it never occurred to me to just use water! And the steamer sounds like a good idea too.

The travertine is kind of, I don't know- sensitive? Our dog peed on it once and it left a stain even though I wiped it up immediately. In our last house, I had porcelain tile. I think I prefer it- it's so easy to care for. And sheilaaus, I know what you mean about the dog prints.

lynn, I hope someone has an answer for you- that's a good question!

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I generally sweep and then use a rubbermaid reveal spray mop -- with plain water-- on my ceramic tile.

I was using a very diluted solution of Mrs. Meyers all purpose cleaner -- but it made the floors slippery, so back to plain water. Spot clean if necessary.

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Lynn - I picked an Oreck steam mop because you can use your own cloths. It came with 2 bonnets that fit over the head of the steam mop but the mop head also has 4 clips that will allow you to use your own. I have loads of microfiber cloths that I use, but you can also use old towels.

It's easy to fill and will steam for at least 30 minutes, and it isn't heavy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oreck steam mop

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I like the steam mop on my porcelain but I wouldn't dare use it on the wood. I actually did once, in a small area, and it seemed to dull the finish just a tad.

I've also read not to apply steam to wood because it can dull the finish,but a lot of people do it anyway and don't seem to mind.

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Lynn, the oreck mop with the cloth bonnets might work. Steam mops with the pads you buy are very thin (think swiffer type). I've used my own microfiber cloths - not sure how well they would hold up on brick.

I don't use my steam mop all the time for mopping (bathrooms/kitchen). It just doesn't get in corners and "nooks & crannies" as well as I would like. I use it often but ever so often I do a deep clean mopping.

I rarely use water on my wood floors (all other rooms), but when I do, I get the mop just barely damp. I don't use my steam mop on wood floors. I don't have a shiny finish, so don't worry about it dulling the finish, but even so, I just can't wrap my head around repeatedly using steam on a wood floor.

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Nancy I'm not sure about travertine, but I use my steam mop for every hard floor surface in the house. I have a Bissell and highly recommend that brand. Our floors range from commercial vinyl composite tile, porcelain, high gloss ceramic, solid oak to marble.

I've heard that you're not to use steam on wood, but I have been doing so for nine years without any ill effects with my Bissell. I turn on the ceiling fan in the room I'm cleaning and it dries almost immediately. Every once in a while, or if we're having company over, I go the extra step and use my very large microfiber cloth mop to polish them with Citra Sheen. It works great and leaves no residue that makes footprints like other wood floor cleaners I've tried have.

Just a note, the pads that came with my Bissell Steam mop are very thick.

Lynn, are your brick floors polished? If they are close to as smooth as ceramic tiles are, I would say yes, a steam mop should work just fine. If mine ever bites the dust, I'm going to get the newer version that vacuums and steam mops.

Here is a link that might be useful: BISSELL® Symphony⢠All in One Vacuum and Steam Mop

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

My stone guy said one teaspoon to one tablespoon of "neutral cleaner" for stone per gallon of water, and that a teaspoon is better than a tablespoon. More is not better. It loosens the soil a bit better than plain water. If you internet search on "neutral cleaner" a bunch of different brands come up.

I'm still slapping on my kneepads and scrubbing the floor with bucket and rag. I really want one of those steam cleaners, just have not had the time or focus to get one.

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I make my own neutral solution and use it on my granite counters:
Start with a one quart spray bottle:
1/4 cup isopropyl alcohol
1 teaspoon dish detergent (Dawn)
then fill bottle to top

I use my Oreck on my ceramic floors.

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I have vinyl and use a steam mop with water and vinegar. I feel like it does an ok job, but feel it's cleaner if I scrub by hand. I don't like the marks it leaves on my knees though.

For those of you with hardwoods, how to you clean it if you don't use water? I broom isn't going to remove smudges, etc.

I've often wondered about mold and steam mops. I can't imagine the inside ever totally dries right.

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Sheesh, you can also just vacuum and then use Citra Sheen with a microfiber dry mop to polish wood floors.

When using the steamer on wood floors I go over them quickly, only using the steam in one direction, so they dry very quickly. One section is always dry before I get done with the next section and work in small sections.

Here is a link that might be useful: More about Citra Sheen products

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Shee - what just said. I vacuum and use a microfiber mop, but I use Bona.

My newer steam mop (this is my second one) - the part that holds the water is clear. I have never seen any indication of mold. I empty the mop and sit it upside down so yes, I think it does dry out. I'm allergic to mold so I am pretty careful.


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I wash my bathroom floor which is ceramic tile on my hands and knees using Caldrea All-Purpose Cleaner. I use knee pads.

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Saw this before and thought I responded....thanks for the info Justgotabeme & Tina! One of these days the carpet will go.

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You're welcome Sheesh.
lucky star, you must be young. I used to do that too, but no more.

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Since the staining was immediately , that means the travertine wasn't sealed, and will absorb dirt, oil, fruit juice stains, and anything which is acidic. If you don't seal, the tracking of even mild day to day dust/dirt will eventually become an obvious 'traffic pattern'. If you want the flooring to retain it's beauty it needs to be sealed, maybe even more than once~check with the installer or a reputable flooring store........or look on line. I would get this done fairly quickly as larger particles of dirt will cause scratching of the stone also. It's a softer stone than you realize, and if you expect it to,stand up to the wear and tear of ceramic or porcelain tile, that won't be the case. Those types of tile have been 'baked' in very high temps, which makes them withstand almost anything.

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Recently, a guest put a half fillled container of some kind of coffee concotion in our kitchen garbage. The bag ripped when taking it out and it made a greasy mess on the floor. I took the steamer and did the kitchen hardwood about three times on high, using both sides of the pad. Well the pad was extra soaked with water and I set it in the dining room, on hardwood and forgot about it. It left a white mark. I looked up some methods to remove it but by the next week I couldn't even find the spot. So I do not worry about damage to my hardwoods anymore.

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My travertine and marble floors installer used this brand for sealing. I use this this cleaning- re sealing version....watered down a bit...on my floors once a week .get it at HD.

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We have the Bona cleaner with a microfiber pad for our hardwoods. It is the container you refill with the Bona cleaner and spray. Our housekeeper loves it. However I've been thinking about buying a steam cleaner because I just think we need a good deep cleaning.

At the risk of a partial hi-jack of this thread, am looking at the Bissel Powerfresh, the Haan SI-70, or the Oreck Steam-it. Any recommendations for sealed hardwoods, good cleaning and easy of use? I know you guys have some of these and can vouch for them in some way.

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