Analog to Digital TV?

bob44March 15, 2008

As time goes on, I am replacing my analog tv's with Sony XBR tv's. My quest is to get a video picture for recording my wife's daily day time shows. The digital channels are clear, but subject to momentary blackout or partial pixel loss. I do not have cable or satelite service. I have purchased two new dvd recorders that will record the digital channels as well. Okay, so now I have dvd rw recordings with some blackout and pixel loss on our recordings.Is there anything I can do to improve the recordings? Thanks

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higher gain antenna or get an amplifier. for BEST reception, get the antenna outside and feed your indoor units from it.

you do not wan tto have multiple splitters at all. if you need 4 feeds to the tvs, get a 4 port splitter instead of piggy backing a splitter off another on. each splitter loses 1/2 signal strength MINIMUM per port. so get one as close to the correct size as possible.

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