Has anyone had the Crystal Lens implant?

carol39_2009March 15, 2009

I recently had cataract surgery and had the Crystalens HD IOL implanted. The surgery was successful; the results were not. My distance vision didn't improve as rapidly as it should, and my close up vision still isn't very good (I also have that "secondary cataract"). The doctor wants to put in a piggyback lens to help the distance vision and then later use Lasik to remove the excess material. At this point I am not very confident about doing these procedures. What if the lens doesn't help; then what? Should I get another opinion? Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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I posted a message like this several years back and had no answers. YES, YES, I had the crystal lens implants with the same results as yours. Crystal lens had just come out when I had mine done and insurance did not pay for C.L. My dr. wanted to do the same thing but I just said no thank you just test my eyesight, give me a prescription for glasses, and I will go home. My optomologist, never explained to me that my eyesight might get WORSE after the cataract surgery. Sure, things are brighter, and I can see better,(everything is not as dark as it once was) but my far away vision got worse. I use to only need reading glasses, now I need glasses for all the time. My close vision is the same, maybe a tad bit better than it was. Hope this helps. Maybe I should have gotten the other surgery done that my optomologist wanted me to, but after spending $5,000 out of pocket, (insurance would not pay for CL, as it was so new at the time) I was in no mood to spend more. Good Luck.

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