Severed Tendon

love2sewMarch 24, 2008

I broke my wrist this winter and when the cast came off I find part of my thumb doesn't work. Dr. figures the tendon is severed at the base of my thumb so I an waiting for appt, with specialist.

There are people that tell me their or someone's horror experience and they are scaring me. Stuff like the tendons die back,,,if the can find the other part to hook it up...waited too late...on and on.

Is there anyone here that works in the medical profession that can give me some true info. and what I might expect to get the use of my thumb back.

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I'd be looking for a lawyer about now.
Why didn't they see that before you were cast??
Yes....what they say is pretty well the way it is. If a tendon is severed, in a matter of hours it begins to retreat up the arm ( or where ever) and surgery is required to find it and pull it down and re attach and it will require lots of PT and you can only hope to get full use of your thumb back.
You should NOT be waiting for an appointment with a should be demanding to see someone tomorrow.
Time is of the essence...Tell your doctor you need to see a specialist this week...and then call one your self if he doesn't refer you.
Linda C

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Thanks for your reply Linda. Well it is 8 weeks since the accident so what is a couple more now. It is just part of my thumb that doesn't work (last two joints) but I have feeling and my tendons aren't dead I can assure you because trying to make the thumb works puts pain up nearly to my elbow.

My Dr did say I don't know if it can be fixed...I kinda freaked and he sent an urgent fax!!! The way my wrist looked I'm lucky it is not worse. The palm of my hand was almost touching my forearm and then my fingers were poking out everywhere...very gross.

I was wondering if the tendon could be pinched vs torn because it hurts so much to force movement? I did read they can do a scope of a wrist like a knee so maybe that will be that a bad thing to have? I like to sew and do needlework so this thumb thing has me down.

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I severed the tendon in my thumb using a quilter's rotary cutter. I had out-patient surgery to repair it one week later. What I didn't know at the time was that the blade also sliced into the joint capsule around the ligaments that attach the bones at the joint. I had PT and my thumb is about 95% of normal due to scar tissue in the joint (otherwise the injury is not noticeable).

Two weeks CAN make a difference in your condition -- don't be timid and passive about this. Did you tell the specialist of your condition and that you need an appointment much sooner? If not, then please do so!

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I remember your thumb Jen...glad it is that good...that was scary and I got safety gloves for Christmas after I showed my family and I do use them.

Thanks for the encouragement...I have 50% use.

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Did you ask for an earlier appointment yet?

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