Please recommend high-quality flush-mount speakers

yadax3March 26, 2008


I'm new to this forum. We just purchased a 58" HDTV and we want to change out our current speakers, which is a Bose Acoustimass 15 system. We're looking for a high-quality in-wall system. I would love a recommendation from anyone who is knowledgeable and isn't trying to pick up a sales commission.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.


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What are you expecting from these speakers?

The soundstaging and imaging will be limited with an in-wall and in-ceiling placement. Reputable manufactures can provide you with quality you are after, depending on budget and where you might live for a listen.

I had auditioned in-wall speakers ($5K) , I think) in my home and I didn't like them very much; for surround (5.1) it would be passible but not for stereo and the soundstaging and the imaging I mentioned above just wasn't there with the in-wall.

Don't go to a big box store, go to an outlet that sells higher end systems; you might also need some clean power to drive the speakers as well.

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Wanting to do surround?

BG Corp (Bohlender-Graebener) PD Series In-Wall. On the upscale end but well worth it. Quite power hungry though so you'll need a good AVR or Amp/PreAmp (I use Sherwood Newcastle with these speakers).

Using 3 PD6LCRi with 2 PD6i and a Z7 sub for a 5.1 system paired with a Sherwood Newcastle R-872 (or better) you will be very, very happy....

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High quality and flush mount speakers are two phrases never found in the same sentence.

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stocky has never dealt with things like BG, Triad, or Atlantic Tech apparently.

Don't be dismissive of thing you know nothing about.

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Speakers were not meant to be installed in walls ,between beams and insulation.
So anyone who design an inwall or flush mount speaker is doing thier best to make something sound good under the worst circumstances.

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No doubt. But under those same circumstances, they can make that sound better than the majority of the crap out there. Triad is absolutely stunning in what they can accomplish and for av listening, a triad setup (albeit expensive) will give a run that will be as good and frequently better than speakers in the same price range (around 10k).

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I would agree with stocky that in wall/ceiling is trying to make the best of less optimal conditions but the things some manufactureres have accomplished in this venue are pretty incredible.

We used Paradigm, pricey but incredible. They do not sell via internet or internet dealers. We used book shelf speakers (Mini-Monitors) for the fronts because that worked fine for our set up, the CC-290 center speaker under the HDTV, in ceiling speakers for the surrounds (I will try to find the model number) and matching sub-woofer. We looked at a wall mount sub-woofer but that was REALLY pricey ($2K+ I think). We matched speakers with the Onkyo TX SR-805 AV receiver. Anyway, I think the speakers set us back about $3,000 but the the sound quality is unbelievable.(We did the BluRay DVD and its pretty incredible too!). As you are probably aware, you can spend as much here as you want and Paradigm has them as expensive as you can stand (at least in my book).

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