Best frieze for the buck

gmp3July 31, 2011

I am replacing about 180 sq yards of carpet in my new house. I will be doing the upstairs and basement and have to stay under 20/yd installed due to a few other unforseen issues with the house. We don't wear shoes or eat upstairs. I prefer Frieze in multicolors. Any suggestions?

A carpet sales person suggested Shw Northport Village, but it is polyester.

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Staying under 20/yd is that installed with cushion? Walkabout is a nylon Frieze that will be a little over 20 yard that is multi color. In a nylon ( which i agree with)You are really limited in todays world. There is a brand new Nylon texture from Shaw called Dreamin that is big big big value. It is a textured plush though! 15 year warranty.. Nice finish with r2x in an evertouch nylon ...12 and 15 wide should be able to buy for around 20 /yd installed and it is really nice. A nylon Frieze makes it tough to be under 20 bucks. Stay away from the POLY if you can. Tommorrow if I can remember...i can make a couple of notes and post more choices for you to take to your Shaw retailer. We have an Anso Pod..that is big value and priced under 3 sq ft carpet only..but it is great value and all Nylon. I have an evertouch POD that I want to look at. This dreamin product is as nice as it gets for the money...The rep may not sell it to the stores in your region though, If he even knows about it. I get to see stuff as it's introduced. I can get you a style number for it but it's called Dreamin and the roll price I buy it at would get you under 20 if the store wants your business. I would be at 19.73 installed with a 7/16 6 LB at a slightly reduced margin. A frieze though will be about impossible. Walkabout is a little more money and not as nice in my opinion. Good Luck.

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Thanks floortech I appreciate your help.

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FYI, I ended up with Mohawk Stylish Nature for about $20.50/yd intalled with 1/2" 8lb pd. It seems pretty nice. Goes in next week.

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