SmartCushion pad or other? 8 or 10 lbs?

tyjyJuly 24, 2012

Sorry if this has been asked to death but my searches didn't come up with much.

My question is regarding carpet pads with a SmartStrand carpet. The flooring store has a standard 8 pound pad included in price. Then there's a Mohawk 8 pound w/moisture barrier for .25 cents per square foot and an 8 pound SmartCushion w/moisture barrier for .50 cents per square foot. The Mohawk versions has something like a "memory foam" in it. The store person says it's "harder" but I can't see why. He said going to 10 lbs would make it even harder?? Is this true?

If you were choosing a carpet pad under your Smartstrand frieze carpet which would you choose? (we're talking about 1,600 square feet, great room & bedrooms)


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I would use the smart cushion for one reason and one reason only. If there is a problem of warranty, Mohawk will cover it when the upgrade to their cushion was involved. it is not a 10 lb product though and harder is not the right wording. Firmer is the proper description. By firmer, you will have a more luxurient richer feel. When you step on carpet with a good cushion, only your footprint will sink down as oppose to softer cushion a larger area will flatten. Firmer is better with carpet cushion.

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Ok, I'll see just how much more the 10 lb SmartCushion is over the 8 lb SmartCushion. But do you think the 8 lb is pretty good too?

(The dealer is already coming down a lot in $ to get close to a Lowe's carpet price, I'm worried I'll get him mad by trying for even more!) What do you think would be a fair upgrade price per square foot? Thanks

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