Best 36-42' HDTV under $2k??

jibbaMarch 20, 2006

Ready to take the plunge and upgrade to HDTV.

Still reading up on options, features, etc. but currently I am leaning towards plasma rather than DLP or LCD.

Just wanted to see what folks who have more knowledge of the product lines would recommend.



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I just bought a 42 inch Plasma, it is a Sansui, it is awesome! I got it at Electronics Expo (like a Tweeter or CC or BB) for 1700, it was on sale from a little over 2k, and I talked them down some more. Sansui is a branch of Samsung I believe. It is a great HD TV

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Do you know what model you bought? How is the glare or reflection when watching?


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I don't know the model number, it is their new 42" plasma. I get a little glare from the windows during the day, nothing the blinds can't handle, I haven't noticed any reflection. I have it in a room that gets tons of sun most of the day, and I have not had any issues with it.

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