Punctum plugs in tear ducts

evatxMarch 26, 2004

Has anyone had this done? My eyes are a mess! Cataracts, Glaucoma plus Sjogren's....dry eyes are severe. Opto inserted the plugs in my lower tear ducts Monday. Today one of my eyes is very irritated. I think the plug has worked its way out a bit. These are the permanent plugs. Just wondering if anyone has experience with these?

BTW, I have an appt. tomorrow to have them checked.

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Sorry EvaTX, I have never heard of it before. I certainly hope you are feeling better.


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I had it: they tried me out with temporary ones (the ones that eventually dissolve) and it was very successful. When I had the permanent ones it, they drove me nuts. While I think they are an excellent solution for most people with severly dry eyes, in some cases the tear duct is at an angle, so that the tip of the plug rubs the eyeball (this happened in my case) and I had to have them removed.

If you have any concerns, go back and have them checked: it only takes a moment to check, and it would reassure you. If you have irritation, it may be that one has indeed worked out some way.

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