Shoes for the wedding........

sheilaaus122June 21, 2014

Ok so I have my mother of the bride dress for the August formal garden party wedding............ I would like to get shoes.
I would love suggestions.
I am thinking that a wedge of sorts would be good as :
1. I don't walk so great in high heels any more. and
2/ I would like to be "comfortable" and
3/ I think a wedge or a wider heel would be better on the ground.

The dress is long (but not to the ground) and shows some leg. The dress is navy.
II will post the dress and then post a few shoes I would consider but really I am looking for your suggestions.
What say you?

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That's a very pretty dress. I totally agree with you about getting a shoe that will be comfortable yet look pretty. You don't have to go very high in the heel to look nice. Wedge or wider heel would be good, as you said. I would strongly recommend you wear the shoes somewhere before the wedding. When my son got married, my shoes felt so sloppy I had to put double-sided tape inside the heels so they didn't slip (this during the reception).

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Annie Deighnaugh

A small platform will allow you to get the look of a higher heel without having to angle your foot too might consider that. I wore comfort plus (pumps with lots of cushioning) to the last wedding I went to and they were very comfortable. Because I have wide toes, I often find peep toe shoes more comfortable because they tend to be rounder in the toe area.

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I just looked quickly at the Nordstrom's website under "wedges" and saw a few dressier ones that would go nicely with that gorgeous dress.

I'm like you, happier in a wedge than a heel these days. Platforms are also good. I've found the BOC are super comfortable for me, but I don't think they come in a dressier style.

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If the color would be close enough, I thought these would look terrific with your dress.. they come in other colors, too, although silver or gold don't seem right for a daytime wedding.
Is this too much bling for a garden wedding? $85, zappos, free shipping and returns (so you could check the color and fit easily).

Here is a link that might be useful: lisette

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thank you for the encouragement...
As for the silver and day time, it's fine with me. The wedge I think makes if slightly less formal, and it is a formal garden party so I am ok with metallic.
I like those oly and of course I searched and it seems the navy is only on zappos those macy's does have the shoes (but in silver). At least I may try on in person if possible to see if they are comfortable. (then I would just have to see if the color is right. It says navy which should work, but they do look almost royal blue.
I went to DSW and Famous footwear yesterday just to see and there really weren't any nice navy shoes, only silver. I know previously I had seen a nice navy but I will keep searching. I was hoping my peeps would find me the perfect pair. I may just order from zappos because if it works that would be stupendous,,,,,,,,,,,,and if not there is free shipping/returns.
any other suggestions please suggestion away!

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I love shoe shopping and especially spending other people's money.

I order from Zappos all the time and I swear that if you order one morning the shoes will be at your door the next day. Often. When I'm on the hunt for something particular, I will sometimes order 10 pairs...try them all on and keep any that work. If not, back they go. If you aren't used to Zappos, and feel stuck about these shoes, I feel confident that you can find exactly what you want and have it delivered to your door, with plenty of time to get a different size, etc. I don't wait for the return to be credited, I just order the other size and it comes the next day, the credit sometimes takes a few days. So don't do exchanges, do returns and just do a new order to get a different size.

Silver opens up lots of possibilities. Does the dress only show leg in the front? If so, these could possibly work. I'd prefer a sandal if the dress is well above the shoe in the back, too.
Bandolino Gerritsen $52.99 navy

Caparros Margarita $79

too bad these have rhinestones...

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I like the first and third pairs for the dress. I'm strictly a low heel person myself.

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Well the dog woke me up... so here I am.
I have been trying on shoes in real life, and yesterday during lunch went to famous footwear where I tried on a few more pairs. Then I spied these which were surprisingly more comfortable than most of the other lower and wedge heels. I bought them and will continue to look because I cant believe these will be comfy...I am thinking about ordering the lisette in the navy metallic posted above and also still considering silver.
The interesting thing is here is the link to the shoes from famous footwear (ARIEL)49.99 *says regular 59.99.........and then zappos (AISLEY) has what appears to be identical for 129.99.
what say you? It's a nicer picture on zappos but I do believe its the same shoe.

Here is a link that might be useful: ainsley on zappos

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wow, it does seem like the same shoe, except it says
Papell Studio on the Famous insole, all other retailers it says Adrianna Papell, a quick google search turned up multiple retailers like Nordstrom and Lord and Taylor except the navy is only at Zappos and Famous, other places have more color choices. You seem to have uncovered yourself the deal of the month, seems unlikely that the 49$ ones are a knockoff, they are identical !!

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Wow, that IS a deal! They are gorgeous, too!

If you're tempted, just send for the lisette to compare. Free shipping both ways, no hassle ever from them.

I know zappos' prices are higher to cover the "free" shipping. I just find it so amazing to be able to try on a dozen pair in my home, that I put up with the cost.

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The stamp on the bottom of the shoes are different.

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Not to say that all knock-offs are inherently bad...

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I cannot imagine that they are different, I mean maybe one has real gold lettering:)....
I did order the ones at zappo's to see because although they don't actually look wonderfully comfy, I think over the course of the day they will be more comfortable. (Also anxious to see the color which looks strange in the photo but I am guessing navy is really going to be darker).
I also think I will prefer navy metallic to silver.......... I will let you all know how it goes... and thanks for the feedback! I am not offended in the least)

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I can't see the dress or copy and paste it because of an ad. Will someone please show the dress?

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here it is...

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Cute, cool, comfortable. I like all of the choices above but I especially like the first shoe.

Great dress.

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I love your dress!

I esp. like the first shoe too that Olychick posted. Navy shoes are impossible to find it seems. I love navy over black anytime I can get away with it. And that price for her shoe is very reasonable assuming you will only wear them a few times. I agree with the poster who mentioned the double-side tape for the soles that the shoe stores all sell now to keep your foot in place.

Did you pick out jewelry yet? I love seeing people's choices as I'm so not good at these things!

Can't wait to see what you decide on!

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Oh my you are amazing!!!
(Now if I only looked like the model:)..... could I trouble you to do the lisette shoe too?
I know the one you did is a stunner, but I worry about if for a few hours.... although one of my friends suggested to wear them and bring something shiny and comfy to change into..... I did order the lisette and will see if they are comfy.

I have not figured out jewelry and I am very bad at that.
I can use all the help I can get.
I did note that the model is not wearing a necklace, and my alteration raised the neckline a smidgeon so I don't know that it needs one.... but I await every bit of advice I can get.
You ladies are the BEST.

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Sorry Sheila ~
I didn't photo shop those shoes in...Although, had I done so,I certainly would win some sort of award for the day !
Red-Lover was asking for a pic of the dress .
Macy's site just happens to shows a different shoe on the model :(

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Will you be wearing flowers? Corsage I mean?

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