How much is reasonable for flowers for funeral??

denise54June 24, 2007

My husband's uncle died over the weekend and his 85 year old mother wants us to send flowers to the funeral home on behalf of her and us and his younger brother. My husband was not close to this uncle, and hasn't seen him for over thirty years. His own mother hasn't talked to him for many years (it was her sister in law's husband). I suggested calling the local florist and sending a $75 arrangement to the funeral home. Brother said, no way. It has to be at least $125. Mother says no more than $50. So what to do? I want to be respectful, but what is reasonable?

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The price you pay is immaterial, IMHO. A reputable, quality florist is whom you should choose in that they can pack a lot of punch for $50-$75 bucks, especially if you can provide an idea of preferences, colors, etc. so they can render their talent to the display!

I recently bought a large table arrangement, and 2 smaller arrangements for either side of the hearth for a memorial service, and also had a corsage made for the widow.

I went to the florist in person, with the tablecloth which would drape the memorial book table where the large arrangement was to be placed. I'm so glad I did. The florist chose perfect flowers and greenery to complement the tablecloth, used similar yet different materials for the hearth pieces, and made a lovely corsage that included a lovely ribbon in the primary color. Quite frankly, the result was artistic, stunning, and looked like it was worth a lot more than was paid. I paid less than $150.00 for the lot!

If possible, can you go in person to a reputable florist and just see what, in fact, $50 to $125 will buy? Can you let them know color or floral preferences and just ask them what they can do within that range? You might be surprised!

I think phoned in orders can often result in older flowers, or not enough care put into the arrangement.

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I never give flowers, but I will send or take planted flower arrangements. Flowers don't last and are too expensive for that short period of time and very few people even take them home. Just my thought. If the brother wants to spend more, he should send his own arrangement..

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hope you don't mind me butting in, in Al's obituary he had requested that there would be no flowers (because he was ill and in and out of the hospital, so he started hating flowers since they reminded him of illness). so the funeral home people wrote: in lieu of flowers, a trust fund has been opened for the family, etc...... one of our friends who worked at the bank said that the average amount deposited was $50.00. fruit baskets and giving to a charity of choice are really big here where i live. 3 relatives did sent flowers however and the funeral home will ask do you want to leave them at the cemetery, take them home. we did not take them. also since i visit Al everyday and alot of times when people are at the cemetery there just isn't alot of flowers there. i also agree with acey, you just don't know what you get when you phone orders in.
there is also a fee for ordering "telaflorist"

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Would the people concerned agree to a charitable contribution instead? That just seems like such a waste for flowers when that amount of money could seriously help so many needy people. Where I live, the flowers are either removed on a certain day of the week by cemetary officials or after you leave, other people actually STEAL them from the grave.

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Send a donation to something the person believed in. You pay a lot of money for flowers and they are dropped on top of the grave and left to wilt within hours of the service. Help someone who needs it instead of wasting your money. One single rose would be nice if you felt you had to give a flower. Flowers are for the living. Sorry, just my opinion.

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A mixed plant arrangement would be very cost effective,as mariend suggested.Mixed plant arrangements can be interesting because there is normally a variegated plant mixed in with at least 2 to 3 other plants that share the same care requirements .If they insist on having a floral arrangement then try to mix in a few roses (perhaps 1/2 dozen)with double carnations which resemble roses and add fillers like asparagus fern ,baby's breath,and a big -leaved inexpensive filler .I would try to get the two parties to agree on an average price $85.00 to $90.00, and contact a florist ,tell them my budget and ask their suggestion on getting the biggest bang for my buck.

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The one who wants everyone to contribute & who wants to keep the price down is 85 years old.

She may be of the generation that thinks that sending florist flowers is the decent & right thing to do, but she may have limited discretionary funds.

I'd honor her wishes.

My 88 year old aunt asked me to buy a plant for a funeral to be from her & me, & I got a nice one for about $30.

The most touching flowers I ever saw at a funeral were sunflowers from someone's garden.

Katherine, the woman who had died, had been in the hospital for a week before, & someone had brought her sunflowers from the garden.

Katherine's spirits were brightened, & she asked for a drawing tablet & pastels to do a pastel study of the flowers.

Sadly, she died before she could finish it, & her gardening friend brought sunflowers to the funeral.

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