Would you smoke under these circumstances? A fantasy

patlyMarch 5, 2006

You only have six months to live and are able to smoke, would you start smoking again?

This assumes that it would not complicate or cause any extra problems.

I'm just curious to see how many of us would begin again and enjoy our old vice once again.

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Clear NO. After 5 years without cigarette I feel smoking was not only unhealthy but "filthy" habit. It has bad odour and bad taste and it disturb people around. Why would I want to make my closest people to be disturbed by unpleasant smoke? Because if somebody is not smoking than smoking person is disturbing, however bad it sound.
I would start do another thing - like more walks with dog, more traveling, more smiling with beloved person, more writing, more smelling roses...more feeling life...
And not worry about money or similar trivialities which stop to make sense when we know it is time to leave...

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I don't smoke, but I had a friend that was dying of lung cancer. She had reached a point where everything took a great deal of effort and energy. She was very blunt about it. Smoking was the only thing that she could do except watch TV. She enjoyed it. It took little effort and if it shortened her life.....well fine! She didn't like what her life was and the sooner the pain and exhausttion was over, the better. I agreed with her and supported her decision.

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I guess someone is not over their craving after quitting.

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