what to do with cherry armoire if we get a plasma?

drumzillaMarch 15, 2007

I need some suggestions for what to do with a 12 year old, cherry, shaker style, TV armoire (sized for a 27'' tv) once we get a new 42'' plasma. The armoire includes matching bookcases on either side. The bookcases will look great anywhere, but the armoire? What do you think? retro fit for clothes storage in a bedroom? The Wife Acceptance Factor of the plasma is very low right now because it makes her $4,000 amish built armoire obsolete.

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The Wife Acceptance Factor is HUGE. I'm a wife, I know :)

Our family room was so cozy and beautiful before the 50" Plasma invaded the picture.

Our solution was to find a really nice cherry wood tv stand so it doesn't have a cold, functional look. It matches the armoir set.

The old tv space in the armoir is now used for a printer, scanner, laptops, ipods, headphones and a ton of other gadgets we use in the family room.

The room is not as Martha Stewart as it used to be but it was a good compromise... he got his big screen and I kept my beautiful armoir.

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When we got the 55 inch LCOS we tried to sell our armoire through the company newspaper. When we found that nobody would pay more than a couple of hundred dollars for it we decided to keep it. I almost killed myself getting it down the stairs. It is now full of the kids games in the basement. Heaven help the guy who tries to get it UP the stairs!

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Well, depending on how big the TV is that you want to get, and where it's going to be, you might want it on a low console or a high one and that may affect what you decide to do with the armoire.

We found there was not a good selection of not-high-priced nice-looking flat-screen TV stands around. We have a 40" and decided to put it on a pad on top of a cherry dresser in the bedroom. Turned out to be a perfect height for our needs - it's in the corner and actually looks great on that. If you get more than about 40-42" in TV (which is a really nice size), then you get into more complex tailored-to-TV stand needs... and potentially no small amount of extra cost.

All this is to say, if you decide to use some *other kind of furniture than a TV stand* to put your TV on (maybe check Bombay Co. for sales on anything sturdy), then you're still going to need some place to put a DVD player/DVR/DVDs and whatever stereo you own, etc. So if it wouldn't look weird to have the armoir adjacent to the TV, that's where I'd start. The bonus is that you don't have to move that sucker very far.

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